Wolfsbane: Book Review

Andrea Cremer is one of those writers that truly inspires me. I devoured this book in 3 days. Her pacing sets my pulse racing. Her action sequences are to-die-for crisp and clear. Her characters are all three-dimensional. She had created a world so rich and so real, I swear I’ve been there as I’m reading one of her books. As soon as I shut the book, I’m anxious to get back there.

Originally, I planned to do a book review of book 2 and 3 together, but I can’t. They are too good to group together.

My biggest fear in a trilogy is the loss of momentum. The first book in the Nightshade trilogy was AMAZING. Fast paced, clever writing, perfect balance of dialogue, description, and inner thoughts.

But the second book, Wolfsbane, is *gasp* even faster paced. The characters are developed more. The world building delves deeper. And the choice between her old life and her new one are even more painful.

Andrea Cremer is a masterful writer. She had this line that I reread four times because it was such simple and gorgeous imagery:

“No,” Bryn said, her voice plowing through my flurry of thoughts.

I <3 Andrea Cremer! I can’t wait to crack open book 3 of this trilogy! She is one of the best YA authors I’ve read this year.

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