A Weekend in NYC

I started the month off in Manhattan with Brett for Easter weekend. We did most of this in one day!

Macy’s had a really cool flower show in the flagship store. It looked like an enchanted forest was dropped amongst the beauty department.


Then we decided to go down to the Village and walked along Christopher St. and Bleeker Street.

We ended up in Nolita for sushi lunch.

And even popped into Marie Belle’s in Soho for her signature dessert and hot chocolate.

Since Brett lives Uptown, we wandered around Downtown until we were ready for dinner at Green Bo in Chinatown. The best soup dumplings and pork and rice cakes. And then across the street for my favorite pandan ice cream from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.


The next day we went to Central Park to see if any flowers were blooming.



Then we had an Easter feast at Kings’ Carriage House. The appetizer was purple potatoes with crabmeat, salmon, and avocado piled on top. Each bite was filled with so many flavors my tongue was dizzy with delight.

I had the duck breast with crispy kale and sweet potato entree. I can’t even describe how awesome it was. It’s a month later and just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Dessert was a super smooth cheesecake. Awesome Easter.



And then I came back home to the turkeys that roam around in my neighborhood. I literally had to stop my walk to let a turkey cross the road.



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