I’m an Outlier

The past two weekends have been dedicated to tech updates to my life aka setting up the new iPad and iPhone and wiping the old ones clean.

For most people this is a smooth, easy transition. But I’ve come to realize I’m an outlier. If something can go bizarrely wrong, it will. If there’s a .05% chance of some weird glitch happening–it happens to me.

So I’ve learned to over-allocate time to tasks that should be easy.

Take my iPhone for instance. I set it up no problem, but when it came time to reset the old one, my device repeatedly said I was entering the wrong password. All my passwords are written down in a file folder and stored carefully. So I knew it was right. It worked on my other devices. I tried a few times. But nope, iPhone was not accepting the password, which meant I couldn’t turn off the Find my iPhone feature as required to send back the old iPhone and get a credit on my bill.

I reset the password.

Then it refused the new password too. The same password my other devices accepted.

In total time, I spent an hour trying to get this glitch fixed. Finally, in desperation, I ended up turning everything off and back on (the mysterious solution to 90% of tech issues) and the password finally worked.

The iPad change, however, went super smooth. Like ridiculously well. It made me nervous. Because something always goes awry. Then I was at the final step. I’d wiped my old iPad clean. Now I just had to take it out of its protective case and put it in the box and ship it back to Apple.

Could my outlier status be changing?

That’s when I learned how  the Otterbox Defender case got its name. It had kept my device safe for years. And it wasn’t going to stop.

There are a dozen points on the case where you must exert pressure to unlock the front and back. I think it may  be easier to break into the Federal Reserve.

I ended up watching 2 YouTube videos and I was still struggling. Twenty minutes passed before I managed to get the case unlocked and get my old iPad out of it to ship back to Apple.

These kind of things may be why I tend to hold onto my devices until they fail. Because I know some weird issue will greet me each time and it’s never the same. Mind you, now I love the new features of my iPhone and iPad and I can’t get over how outdated my old devices were.

How do you deal with transitioning to new devices? Any crazy tech glitch stories? A case that refused to stop protecting your device?


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6 Responses to I’m an Outlier

  1. No crazy glitches, but I still tend to hang on to things for a long time as I don’t want the hassle of changing, my phone is ancient…..!

    • Kourtney says:

      Well, that’s good! Me too. I tend to hold onto things, especially clothes–I still have clothes from college, which was…a while ago. 🙂

  2. There is always something isn’t there. I try to let the folks at the store do it. That reduces the chances of me messing something up. But then I am still working on migrating my stuff to a new laptop I got 2 months ago

    • Kourtney says:

      My parents are in the camp of let the store workers do it. I just hate dealing with the waiting and the noise. I’d rather figure it out on my own in a quiet place. 😉 I’ve been trying to migrate photos from an old app to a new one. It’s been about 7 calls to Apple Support. And it’s still not done.

  3. carlamcgill says:

    Such things send me to the edge of myself! The frustration derails me! You did well! Congratlations on the patience you demonstrated. I am fortunate to have a tech-type husband, and he usually takes over when I can’t deal.

    • Kourtney says:

      It just shouldn’t be so fraught with difficulty. I think too, they make it sound easy. If they set expectations better, I wouldn’t be so frustrated. Like when I had to upgrade my modem. They sent this 3 step diagram that made it sound like 15 minutes. Three hours later, I was still on phone with tech support. You’re lucky. I’m the one all tech stuff has to go through. 🙂

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