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Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Bronze Winner for Paranormal


National Indie Excellence Award Winner for Cross Genre Fiction


2014 International Book Awards Finalist for Cross Genre Fiction


2013 USA Best Book Awards Finalist For Cross Genre Fiction


2014 EPIC Ebook Awards Finalist for Paranormal Fiction


2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semifinalist


Readers’ Favorites 5 star review for The Six Train to Wisconsin


“Heintz’s debut weaves psychological insight into a suspenseful, sci-fi-tinged thriller and produces a welcome variation on the classic marriage drama.”

Kirkus Reviews


“Readers will be hooked by Kai’s special powers and the ways in which they make her life difficult.”

Publishers Weekly


“The Six Train to Wisconsin is like a breathless thrillride on an out-of-control freight train rushing through the darkness, at a pace that never slows down, never lets up, and never compromises. There are enough twists and turns and near misses to make you hang onto your seat by your fingernails, and at the end, respite and a satisfying conclusion that makes the crazy ride worth it.”

—Jenna Bennett/Jennie BentleyUSA Today & New York Times bestselling author of the Do-It-Yourself Home Renovation mysteries & the Cutthroat Business mysteries


“THE SIX TRAIN TO WISCONSIN is an engaging story that deftly explores the mysteries and secrets of the heart and mind. Kourtney Heintz has crafted a story that is hypnotic and uplifting – you won’t want to put it down.”

—Paige Shelton, New York Times bestselling author of Farm Fresh Murder


“Kourtney Heintz’s compelling brand of paranormal intrigue and psychological exploration embeds issues of loving leaving, betrayal, and family relationships into a story line that is hard to put down.”

—Midwest Book Review, Senior Reviewer D.Donovan


The Six Train to Wisconsin combines a brilliantly conceived plot with deep psychological insight and compelling writing to produce a wonderful reading experience.

Book Pleasures Reviewer Sandra Shwayder Sanchez


“A richly layered novel, The Six Train to Wisconsin gently pushes at the reader’s expectations, then exceeds them, turning what could almost become kitschy in more inexperienced hands to something with an almost literary bent (if the literary genre ever decided to dabble in the paranormal).”

Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Kayti Nika Raet


“Flawed characters in a town crippled by isolation and insecurity, liars, cheaters and players, everyone has an agenda and Kourtney Heintz has rolled the dice and come up with a suspense filled winner that guards the end like Cerberus!”

Tome Tender


“It is very rare that I run across a book that is just perfect…This book really is a must read.”—Shaiha’s Ramblings


“A novel that had me gripped from beginning to end… Wonderfully memorable characters who wildly vied for the readers empathy. All testament to the great storytelling of the author as she eloquently weaves together all of the threads of a book that does not disappoint on any level.”

Pen and Paper Blog


“Heintz has created a great story, mixing the supernatural with a modern day mystery romance.”

Paper Safari reviewed by Reading Girrl


“It is a very good start for series, and can honestly say that Heintz is a really good storyteller, which is a rare thing these days.”

The Quidnunc


“The Six Train to Wisconsin’ is a good sci-fi thriller, well written and a good developed story.”

Ramalamadingdong Blog


“I did however enjoy the psychic side of the book and the build up to the intense ending of the book was very well done.”

Rosie Amber


“Overall, this was a really enjoyable read and mystery, paranormal and romance lovers can all find something they like with this one.”



“The author’s vivid imagery and constructed cast of characters transported me to Butternut, Wisconsin, and the mysteries lurking in the shadows there. The telepath and dream walking parts of the story were amazing, as was the plot itself.”

I Smell Sheep Blog


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