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Beta Reading Reblog from JM McDowell

One of my favorite fellow bloggers, JM McDowell but together a fantastic series of posts on beta reading manuscripts. I’m still sinking under tech issues this week so I figured it was the perfect time to reblog her insightful post. … Continue reading

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Feedback is a Grieving Process

I’ve read that there are five stages to grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I think these apply to the many forms of death we encounter in life. Not just the physical, but the emotional and psychological deaths.  The … Continue reading

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My Excerpt from the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest

Amazon worked tirelessly last week and this weekend and has fixed the major glitches (missing emdashes, weird characters replacing quotation marks and italics, and missing apostrophes) in the quarterfinalists excerpts from the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) Contest!!! There are … Continue reading

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Books are not Babies

1) Would you sell your child? 2) Would you hand your child over to complete strangers? 3) Would you re-vision your child? 4) Would you put your child in a drawer and decide it was never worth seeing the light … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Martine Helene Svanevik on The Big Fear: Rejection

Today, I am turning my blog over to the fabulous and talented Martine Helene Svanevik, a fiction writer from Montreal. I absolutely adore her blog about writing and training over on nascentnovelist.wordpress.com. You should definitely check it out. She tells me … Continue reading

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Policy Without Procedures Is Meaningless

A long time ago, a lovely gal worked at a place that shall not be named. That place had policies but no procedures. So the firm would put in writing that it would enforce it’s dresscode, but not actually explain … Continue reading

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SCBWI Writer’s Roundtable

The SCBWI Winter Conference gave me serious insight into the job of an agent and editor. During the writer’s roundtable, 8 writers sat at a table with an editor or an agent. Each writer had 12 minutes to circulate their … Continue reading

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What I Learned From the Two Pages Critiques at Backspace

This is G’s adorable dog, Burger, in his halloween costume–a hot dog suit. It’s important to make sure your novel does not do this. Don’t make your readers think they are getting a hot dog, when it’s really a burger … Continue reading

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Mentoring Question

Recently, a teacher from an online course offered to help me revise my draft of my second novel. I asked what that entailed and he told me it would be me sending him 10,000 word packets of my novel for … Continue reading

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