TGWIG’s Blog Tour

July 7: Sharing my favorite things about CT on Reading Away The Days as part of the virtual road trip to all 50 states in the US.

July 22: Sharing how indie publishing saved my book on Killer Nashville blog.

July 27: Sharing an original short story about a college experience with my best friend and a taxi incident at 3 a.m. on YARN: YA Review Network.

July 30: 5 Things from My Life that Trickled into My Worldbuilding guest post on Fresh Fiction blog.

August 1: Guest blogging about Worldbuilding on Manic Readers blog.

August 1: Q&A on Whatever You Can Still Betray talking about the big question behind TGWIG, why the unbelievables, and why I love writing ghosts and time travel.

August 3: Guest blogging on Pretty in Fiction blog about how I created the world of the unbelievables in The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts.

August 3: Q&A with Omni Mystery News about the title, cover design, genre challenges, using a pseudonym and what’s on the horizon for me.

August 3: Guest blogging over on Sarah’s Organized Chaos about why I wrote a YA novel.

August 3: Q&A on Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews about my writing quirk, when I called myself a writer, what’s next and my lifelong dream.

August 4: Dishing with Sarah at Workaday Reads about my writing routine, influences on my writing, and what I hope readers take away from the book.

August 4: Chatting with Katie, the Queen of Teen Fiction, about ghostly encounters, what inspired me to write ghosts, and where I would time travel to if I could.

August 4: I’m guest posting over on JM McDowell’s blog about 5 Ghostly Discoveries that I made while researching TGWIG.

August 5: Guest blogging on Becky on Books…and Quilts sharing why it’s important to believe in your story. 

August 6: Guest blogging on Small Press Reviews about Trope Twisting, how to make something familiar new again.

August 6: Q&A about who was easiest to write, genre blending, and inspiration for setting with We Live and Breathe Books and Book Review of TGWIG.

August 7: Guest post “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kat Preston” on Jill Weatherholt’s blog.

August 8: Guest post about how a girl can ignore ghosts & giveaway on Brandi Breathes Books

August 9: Guest post on Harvesting Hecate’s blog about researching spell casting and ghosts.

August 10: Guest post on why I write series over on Write Bitches blog.

August 11: Q&A on Pink Fluffy Hearts about when I wanted to be a writer, my inspiration for Kat, & my favorite part of TGWIG.

August 12: Guest blogging on Authors to Watch about why I wrote a time travel novel.

August 12: Sharing 5 Things I Learned From My Editor on Sheila Hurst’s blog.

August 15: 5 Reasons TGWIG Should Make Your Summer Reading List guest posted on 4 am Writer’s blog. 

August 17: Spectral Spotlight on K.C. Tansley with Hartford Books Examiner.

August 18Q&A with Terry Odell about what’s on my desk, music while writing, and dogs or cats?

September 3: Q&A with Rin about ghosts, my inspiration, & what’s to come in the sequel + Giveaway.

September 16: Q&A with Samantha at Thoughts on Tomes about Kat’s best friend, her fav social media, and my inspiration.

September 28: Guest blogging over on Savvy Authors blog about The Importance of Giving Up.

October 12: Q&A and book giveaway on Tome Tender where I share three things you won’t find anywhere online about me.

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