Finding The Right Web Designer

My website,,  was recently redesigned by the amazing Jian Chan.  I was lucky enough to have my cousin James  refer me to Jian.  James spoke so highly of Jian,  I was 95% certain he was the web designer for my site before I  met him.

Jian and I  exchanged a couple e-mails,  where we talked about my budget and my timeline.  We decided to meet to discuss the redesign of my website. I honestly think the meeting was the most important part because the website of an unpublished author isn’t about their books, it’s about their personality translating into their website.

Before we met, I looked at a couple dozen writer websites and took notes on what I liked and what I didn’t like. I also thought about what was and wasn’t working with my current website.

We talked for a couple of hours during which Jian  asked some really insightful questions and made me think about my website in a new way. He focused me on what I needed the website do and how to accomplish it.

I left that meeting 100% certain that Jian was the only web designer for my site.

I also  had some homework to do. I had to write and rewrite everything that was going up on my website.

Several times, I deferred to his expertise in making decisions about the site. I appreciated  how invested he was in the project and how he explained his choices to me.

Jian  kept in touch with me  while he worked on the redesign. He passed several options by me and implemented my suggestions. Sometimes even anticipated how I would like things before I even articulated it.

He created a test site so I could see what my site would look like before it went live. The day it went live,  he was available all day  to tweak things.

He stayed within budget, met every deadline, and kept in touch throughout the process.  He also put up with tons of questions from me  about the most basic  web designing things. And he always answered them politely and kindly. I can’t imagine a better experience with a web designer.

You can check out Jian’s work on my website. He also has examples of projects he’s done for other clients on his website: Celestial Sonata.

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