Highway Thirteen’s Blog Tour Stops


This week, I’ll be on these blogs chatting about my book! On A Writer’s Mind, I’m sharing my favorite scene, genres I like to write, and how the cover relates to the book!
November 21 Spotlight
November 23 Interview
November 24 Thanksgiving
November 25 Spotlight
November 28 Guest Post
Roxanne’s Realm
Butternut Blast Giveaway is wrapping up at the end of the month, if you’d like a chance to be a character in the next Six Train book, win Butternut goodies, or an Amazon gift card, please get your entries in by 11/30!
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Highway Thirteen’s Blog Tour Continues

Highway Thirteen to Manhattan’s book tour continues!
This week’s interview reveals my favorite foods, dream trip, and if I write to music. The guest blog is about how to create memorable characters.
The giveaways are still going on too! So swing by any of these posts and chat with me!
November 14 Spotlight
November 14 Spotlight
November 15 Spotlight
November 16 Spotlight
November 16 Review
November 17 Interview
November 18 Review
November 18 Guest Blog


I have an author appearance this weekend too. If you’re in CT/MA/RI and you want to get a signed copy, please stop by!
November 20th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In South Windsor, CT, at Maneeley’s (65 Rye St.) at the 2nd Annual Crafts Show: signing and selling books.
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HTTM's Blog Tour Continues

This week continues my blog tour with a list of my favorite paranormal reads, a couple reviews, a spotlight, and an interview where I dish about the writer I’d like to have dinner with and what you’d be surprised to know about me. Stop by any of the posts this week to chat and enter the giveaways going on there!
November 7 Guest Blog
November 8 Review
November 10 Spotlight
November 11 Interview
Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of Highway Thirteen during my release week. It hit the Amazon Bestseller lists for Psychic Thrillers and Psychic Suspense!
It was on the Hot New Releases for Psychic Thrillers, Psychic Suspense, and Paranormal and Urban Fantasy too!
Also many thanks to readers who read an ARC and left a review! You helped make it an exceptional week for me!
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Highway Thirteen Bewitching Blog Tour!


This week kicks off my month long blog tour with Bewitching Book Tours! We’ve got a great mix of spotlights, reviews, interviews and guest posts going on all month!

Here’s where I’ll be this week! I’m closing comments here, so please stop by and comment on any of these blogs on these dates:

October 31 Spotlight
November 1 Interview
November 2 Spotlight
November 3 Guest blog
November 4 Spotlight
November 4 Spotlight
There are book giveaways going on with this blog tour so make sure you enter them!
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Upcoming Author Events


Upcoming Author Appearances

I’ve got a few author appearances coming up this fall/winter. I’ll be selling and signing copies of all my books. You can pick up a signed copy of my newest release Highway Thirteen to Manhattan, the re-release of The Six Train to Wisconsin, and even The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts on any of these dates and times.


October 30th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In Old Greenwich, CT, at the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center (90 Harding Rd.) at the 3rd Annual Arts and Crafts Show: autographing and selling books.
November 12th Canceled.
November 20th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In South Windsor, CT, at Maneeley’s (65 Rye St.) at the 2nd Annual Crafts Show: signing and selling books.
December 4th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In Mansfield, MA, at the Holiday Inn (31 Hampshire St.) at the 23rd Annual Arts and Crafts Show: selling and signing copies of my novel.

Wisconsin Appearance in 2017

I will also be making a trip to Butternut July 28-30, 2017, for Pioneer Days. So Wisconsin fans, please mark you calendars and join me for a weekend of Butternut awesomeness.

Ordering a Signed Copy Online

If you can’t make it to any of my events and you want a signed copy, please email me at kourtney.heintz@yahoo.com. I am selling Highway Thirteen to Manhattan for $15 + priority mail shipping ($5.75) + tax (varies by state). I will send you a Paypal invoice and get your book in the mail.

Butternut Blast Giveaway

Ever wanted to be a character in The Six Train to Wisconsin series? Or win a basket of Butternut goodies? Or have an extra $50 to spend on Amazon? Then make sure you get your entries in. These are the fabulous prizes being given away!

Highway Thirteen to Manhattan’s Butternut Blast Giveaway lasts until the end of November. Several entries can be done daily to increase your chances of winning! Make sure to get your entries in on the Facebook page using this mobile friendly link:






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An Author's Adventures at CrimeConn


Saturday, I drove to CrimeConn, an all day mystery conference at the Westport Public Library. It was an amazing day and I’ll definitely be adding this to my must attend list for conferences. I wanted to share my takeaways with you!

The first panel was moderated by the brilliant and entertaining John Valeri with panelists Rosemary Harris, Michael Ledwidge, and Liz Mugavero. They discusses the motives behind a bad guy’s behavior.

Rosemary mentioned the key motives she uses in her writing are greed, lust, and revenge.

John raised the idea that the main reasons people commit murder center around greed, humiliation, safety, cheating, and war.

Mike explained how there are two parts to a person that play into motives–bodily desire (hunger, lust, etc.) and imagination and mind (want to be heroic).

Lis relies on revenge and desperation to motivate her characters.


The second panel was made up of people who actually work in law enforcement. They discussed the mind games that crooks and cops play.

The moderator was Michelle Clark and the panelists were Dr. Mark Braunsdorf, Lieutenant Ray Hassett, and Sergeant Mike Cummiskey.

One of the key takeaways was that these are ordinary human beings doing extraordinary work. They have to develop coping mechanisms that the rest of society doesn’t have because they face the ugliest parts of society on a daily basis.

Ray talked about having to go deep under cover to bust bad guys and Mark explained how that requires going beyond cognitive empathy to emotional empathy, where you actually feel it personally. This literally rewires your brain because you have become another person.


The next panel focused on what makes an anti-hero heroic and was moderated by Joe Meyers. Panelists included Tom Straw, David Rich, and Karen E. Olson.

Tom stressed that antiheroes are outside the system and generally against the system.

Karen’s take is that the bad guy has a code that redeems him in some way.

David feels that the antihero knows all the badness inside him and recognizes it in others. He uses his insight to solve a situation or crime.


Patricia King from MWA and an MWA aspiring author spoke to the audience about the importance of a writing tribe.


Chris Knopf interviewed the guest of honor, Andrew Gross. It was a revealing and fascinating Q&A.

I loved hearing about Andrew’s breaking away from his previous works for his new novel. He spoke of his fear that readers would abandon him for focusing on scene setting in this new novel. But they didn’t!

He is a big proponent of outlining and sold this book as an outline. Go plotters!

He loves creating tertiary and secondary characters in his stories.


Captain Chris Chute presented a workshop on how professionals separate fact from fiction. This was one of my favorite parts of the day because, well, my characters lie a lot.

He was a very energetic and entertaining presenter and the time went way too fast. He included video in his presentations, which really drove home all his key points.

One of the most interesting point was that it’s not what people say but how they say it. When someone is truthful they spend a smaller amount of their words on the intro, around half their words on the details of the event, and then wrap it up. In a deceptive statement, it’s mostly intro, nothing or very little on actual incident, and then either a long wrap up or no wrap up.

Another terrific takeaway is that people lie by telling the truth. They will say the one true thing over and over again.


The final panel of the day was led by the fabulous Kate Kessler and included David Handler, A.J. Pompano, and Jan Yager. They discussed sociopaths and psychopaths.

The key takeaway here was that sociopaths are not psychologically damaged, but have a contempt for society and rules.

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The Girl Gets a Moonbeam Award and the Blog Stops Start for Highway Thirteen


Apologies for the late posting today. I took a break this weekend to catch up with old friends, visiting fairy homes and viewing American Impressionists.


Exciting TGWIG News

The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts won the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Gold Medal for YA mystery/horror!


HTTM Blog Tour Begins

I’ve got a few early stops on the Six Train to Wisconsin series blog tour this month!

There will be giveaways and insider info on the books that I only share on these blog stops.

Novel Addiction: October 3: Q&A on my go-to authors and writing methods  

Dab of Darkness: October 7: Q&A on promotion and life outside of writing and Giveaway

Angela Burkhead’s Blog: October 12: Q&A with me on writing and HTTM’s characters and my first hidden book

Jill Weatherholt Blog: October 14: Guest Post on The 5 Unexpected Hurdles of Writing a Sequel

Also received a few amazing reviews for Six Train and Highway Thirteen

Midwest Reviews Book Reviewer D. Donovan shares her reviews of Highway Thirteen to Manhattan and The Six Train to Wisconsin

Amazing Blogger K Orion Fray reviews Six Train on I am not lost… This review made me grin for days on end. 🙂

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Giveaways, Freebies, and Preorders–Oh My!

It’s less than 1 month until Highway Thirteen to Manhattan releases!

To celebrate, I’ve got a few cool things lined up.

Butternut Extravaganza Giveaway


Want to win free signed paperback copies of the two books in The Six Train to Wisconsin series and a Butternut basket of goodies? Or become a character in the next book in the series and be in a scene with Kai or Oliver? Or win a $50 Amazon card?

Then you don’t want to miss my massive giveaway! There are tons of ways to enter including taking pictures in Butternut and Park Falls. There are also entries that don’t even involve leaving your computer.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also enter the giveaway on this mobile friendly link to Facebook:



The Six Train to Wisconsin Freebie


For October and November, The Six Train to Wisconsin ebook is free to download on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo.

I recommend rereading the last 50 pages before you read the sequel since the sequel picks up a few days later.











I’m giving away a copy of the ARC for Highway Thirteen to Manhattan here on the blog. The giveaway is international. If you comment below, you’ll be entered to win. Make sure you comment by EST 11:59 p.m. on October 16 when the giveaway ends. I’ll randomly select a winner and post their name here on the blog on October 17!



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Colorado Fun in Photos


This was the tastiest burger I’ve ever eaten at 5280 Burger Bar. The beef was so flavorful. The avocado, bacon, and cheddar definitely helped. First dinner in Denver!


Denver street.



View from 16th Street Mall.


Victorian buildings at Larimer Square.


Another view from 16th Street Mall.


My hotel hallway.


Driving out to Colorado Springs.


Kelly, my high school buddy and my intrepid guide for the day! Thanks for taking the entire day off to show me the sights!


The drive to Pike’s Peak. So glad Kelly was behind the wheel.


The famous donuts at Pike’s Peak. They are cinnamony greasy goodness. Seems baking anything at 14,115 feet is a major, major feat!


The view as we drove up the mountain.



What a vista!


This is me over where the America the Beautiful song was composed.


Kelly and me!


Did I mention heights scare me?


Kelly had to take this picture. I was having altitude drunkenness and unable to work my camera well. Yup, it happened. It was hilarious.


Snow. We have snow. It’s 80s in Denver and 30s up on Pike’s Peak.


Just me being natural. 😉


The road we came up.


Me and bigfoot.



Amazing Mexican food in Manitou Springs.


My reaction to Soda Springs water.


Manitou Springs map.


Manitou Springs.



Garden of the Gods. Where Kourtney refuses to climb up near the rock and Kelly improvises.


A rock collector’s dream.



Kourtney being natural. img_3061

Kissing Camels rocks.


The cathedral. Yeah, I don’t wait in line to take pics. If you’re in mine, you’re in mine.


Loved the colors.



The Eldora Lodge in Golden, CA



The Continental Divide.





Dushanbe Teahouse in Bolder.




Steak dinner at teahouse.



Sunrise from my bathroom window.


The ride to the airport.

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I’m Back!


Hello! I’m back from my blog sabbatical. Since it’s been a while, I figured I’d do a what’s- been-happening post for my books and me!

The Unbelievables series


The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts won the Silver Falchion Judges’ Choice Awards for Witchcraft at Killer Nashville and was a Silver Falchion Award Finalist for Best Mystery.

TGWIG has 90 reviews on Amazon and 181 ratings and 78 reviews on Goodreads. Many thanks to my readers who take the time and energy to post a review! You are truly appreciated!

I spent all of July and August revising my draft of the sequel to TGWIG. It’s with my editor right now undergoing developmental edits. I will be getting those back in December.

Beckett Publishing Group will be publishing the sequel in the summer of 2017.

The Six Train to Wisconsin Series


The Six Train to Wisconsin ebook was reissued with a new cover and updated interior file this summer. The paperback will be reissued by the end of September with the updated cover and interior file.

The Six Train to Wisconsin hit 102 reviews on Amazon!!!

It took 3 years but finally it happened! Woohoo! That means a lot in terms of Amazon promoting the book and my ability to get more attention for this book. 100 thank yous to everyone who left a review!

TSTTW also has 198 ratings and 71 reviews on Goodreads. Thank you so much for supporting the book!

TSTTW recently received a terrific review:

“Kourtney Heintz’s compelling brand of paranormal intrigue and psychological exploration embeds issues of loving leaving, betrayal, and family relationships into a story line that is hard to put down.”

—Midwest Book Review, Senior Reviewer D.Donovan




The ARCs for Highway Thirteen to Manhattan have been on NetGalley generating a nice amount of buzz. There’s a Goodreads giveaway kicking off next week on September 25th for a paperback copy!

Reviews for Highway Thirteen  have been coming in!

“Family secrets, paranormal suspense, and romance collide in Heintz’s fascinatingly original tale. A compelling read that will keep you guessing and haunt you long after the last page is turned.” —Gretchen Archer, USA Today Bestselling author of the Davis Way Crime Capers


“…a tortured love story with shades of the supernatural. The characters’ superabilities are understated and well-incorporated in  the melodrama…” Kirkus Reviews

“…embraces a search for the truth…offering readers a blend of paranormal intrigue and romance…”
Midwest Book Review, reviewed by D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer
“From character development to plot to even the most minor details, Heintz has done an amazing job of creating a world that is believable, relatable, and enjoyable. I love romance, but she has mixed suspense and paranormal with it so well that I am literally speechless.”
—Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review by Rabia Tanveer


“A novel full of suspense. A tale of the supernatural as well as the altogether more human. …a novel I could praise (to use one of my nana’s expressions) ‘until the cows came home.’”Pen and Paper Blog


“…this series promises nothing but excellence! Kourtney Heintz you now have a very special place in my heart and your stories will be re-read often.”—The Quidnunc


“I don’t think this is a series where you are meant to only show support for any one character, the story-lines leave you rocking and rolling as lies are revealed, desperate actions taken, reactive heat of the moment arguments and manipulative people keep you on your toes.”—Rosie Amber


You can preorder Highway Thirteen’s ebook from Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and iBook right now!






Trad Publishing Project


I went to a 5-day Master Immersion Class with Margie Lawson from September 11-15 in Colorado to work on my WIP. It’s something I’ve shopped around and gotten a good amount of full requests and a few revise and resubmits on, but no agent yet.

After 3 days of writing 12-15 hours a day, I think I know what’s wrong and how to fix it. So from now until mid November, I’ll be revising this book using her amazing techniques and processes. Then I plan to query again in mid November and see what happens.

This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with writing classes/workshops and I’m really happy to be part of the Rockin’ Rhetorical Radicals. I have 4 new writing buddies that get Margie’s methods and I’m missing them lots! Big wave to Rhay, Mia, Greg, and Penny!

I walked out of there hopeful that I could land an agent again. It’s been a while since I felt that way. Thank you Margie and the Rcubed!

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