How to Support An Author During Her Release Week

Tomorrow (October 17) is the release date for The Girl Who Saved Ghosts! I feel like I’ve been preparing for this day all year. It’s always exciting and nerve-wracking to see how sales go!

Thanks so much for being here with me throughout this journey. There are so many ways friends, family, and fans can support an author during her release week, I thought this would be the perfect time to share them.

1. Spread the word

I only have so many followers on social media. But all my followers have their own followers. When you share something about my book on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, you help me reach new readers.

But I realize it’s hard to know what to say or share. So I’ve created a page of shareable stuff: images you can pin on Pinterest or copy and share anywhere, pre-written tweets, pre-written Facebook posts that share my book page, etc. Basically 1-2 clicks and you are done!

So this week, please stop by

and share something with your followers!

2. If you got an ARC, post a review

Early reviews are critical to a books success. Getting 50 or more reviews on Amazon’s site during the release week makes Amazon notice a book and do lots more promotion of it. Reviews on Goodreads matter too. A solid amount of reviews signal to readers that this a book worth their time. Long or short, every single review counts and can help an author’s success!

So if you got an advance reader copy of my book, please post an honest review on Goodreads and Amazon.

3. Request your library carry the book

If you can’t afford to purchase a copy of the book, go to your library and request that they buy a copy. Libraries consider patrons’ requests for books and often make purchases based on them.

Getting my book into a library make it visible to new readers and expands my readership. So it’s a win-win for me and you.

4. Buy a book

If you are planning to buy my book, please buy it during release week. That first week of sales is when the book is most likely to hit Amazon bestseller lists and every sale counts toward making that happen. Strong sales the first week mean something to the publisher too.

If you have an Amazon credit card, you can use your points to buy the book too.

So if you can purchase the ebook or the paperback, please do it then.

5. If you have a book club or know a book club, suggest that they read the book

Book clubs are great ways to grow an author’s audience. If you happen to know a book club, tell them about my book. I’m always happy to call in, Skype in, or visit with a local book club to chat about the book.

6. During the book blog tour, stop by and comment on posts

During a blog tour, it helps to have commenters come by to chat. If you have a moment, swing by any of my upcoming blog tour stops and post a quick comment.

My official blog tour is with Xpresso Book Tours. The list of blog tour stops is going to be constantly updated in real time here:

Tour: The Girl Who Saved Ghosts by K.C. Tansley


I also had a few blog friends fit me in on their blogs too!

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10/17/17: Blossom Twins: Book Review + Giveaway

10/20/17: Jill Weatherholt: Author Spotlight

10/22: Harvest Hecate: Guest Post: Finding Balance


Expresso Book Tours is also organizing a book giveaway for the blog tour. If you’d like to win a signed copy, you can enter the book giveaway:






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