My Beach Week

The view from my bedroom in Old Saybrook.

Last week, I snuck away for a week. I took a week off from teaching, but I didn’t post anything online because I detest making it easier for burglars. I only has email on my phone and didn’t check Facebook or Twitter.

It was amazing! I relaxed so much.

I gobbled up 4 books from Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series and I am thinking about reading all 15 in a row. That’s how fun they are!

And I snapped about 1200 photos. It’s my favorite hobby. Capturing moments. Dad’s eyes glazed over as I showed him a few hundred. He begged me to stop. So I’ll just share a few highlights here. Alright more like 20ish. But that is exercising tons of self-control for me.


The view from our patio.


The house we rented had our own private beach. It was so amazing.


Mom strikes a pose at low tide. We walked the sandbars for miles.

First official vacay breakfast at Christy’s. Kielbasa and Cheese omelette with blueberry pancake. My friend, Marina, had eggs benedict florentine and some of the pancake. We had enough leftovers for lunch too.

Day 2. Beautiful Beach Day. I was in the water 5-6 hours with my friend.

Dinner at Liv’s. The best fish tacos on the east coast.

Sunset Day 2 in our backyard.

Marina and I walking at low tide. We encountered a sea robin which is super freaky looking as it rises from the depths.

Day 3: I got in this fabulous routine of throwing on yesterday’s clothes at 7 a.m. and grabbing breakfast out. Then coming home to the sandbars.  Sometimes I walked them dressed, other times in my bathing suit. I wouldn’t shower and change until 5 p.m.

Me walking the sandbars on a sunny day.  You can’t see the long pants, but man what resistance training when they got wet. My legs look so toned now.

Maple glazed bacon donut from The Beach Donut Shop. Worth every single calorie. Plus when you’re in the water 5 hours a day, you burn it off!

Fried Scallops at Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale. They melted in my mouth. Best scallops ever.

Sunset on Day 3: Taken from the balcony off my bedroom and Mom’s master suite.

Day 4: I think I swam with a bluefish. It was long and pale green and we startled each other when I was waist deep in water.

Day 5 was a beautiful, sunny day.

My favorite sunset

The Beach Donut Shop–we went back. It was so good. I got the Porky Pig sandwich on a croissant–no regrets.

Another gorgeous day spent in the water.

I was a bit obsessed with the sunsets.

Day 7: feeding the seagulls. This is what happens when you snap 10 pictures in fast succession.

Day 7: Dessert at Rosemary and Sage. Coconut Torte. It’s like a coconut bar and a cookie made a baby. So yummie!

What’s your favorite vacay memory?



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