The Best Rejection Letter + Free Book Contest Reminder

Quick reminder The Free Book Contest entry deadline is tomorrow at 7 AM EST. Click here to enter to win a personalized autographed copy of New York Times Bestselling Author Paige Shelton’s book, If Fried Chicken Could Fly!

Onto the Best Rejection Letter…

Sometimes you get a rejection letter that makes you want to send air kisses to the agent. Or at least hug a tree in their name.

On my current manuscript, I get a lot of “not for me.” Maybe it’s the topic, maybe it’s the query, maybe it’s the writing. And maybe, it just doesn’t fit their tastes.

I’m almost immune to the not for me. It’s like getting chicken pox over and over again. You learn to live around it.

Anyway, to my complete surprise this week I got a very kind, very personalized rejection on a partial.

I’ve deleted names but this is what the lovely lovely agent sent me. 🙂

Hey Kourtney!
I really like your writing and the story idea…so intriguing and it really draws you in.
However, my boss is on my back about having too many unpublished authors. So, I’m sorry to say that I can’t take this project on at the moment. I don’t at all mean to keep you waiting, but I’d be happy to see this sometime down the road if you don’t have an agent for it.

Agent X

This rejection actually gave me an infusion of hope. That is the coolest thing an agent can do when they reject you.

I really appreciated this rejection letter. So thanks to a stellar agent who took the time to let me know what was working in the story.

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