Deer Haven Lodge–The best Wisconsin Vacation Getaway

We pulled up at 6:30 after about 6 hours of driving from Milwaukee. OL and I started smiling the minute we turned into the driveway for Deer Haven Lodge. I stopped the car and demanded he takes pictures. As we made our way toward the gorgeous log lodge, I knew this was the best place to stay because it looked beautiful and felt so inviting. You could tell how much time and effort Ken and Lori put into creating this oasis.  We parked the car and Lori came out to greet us, asking if we’d like to feed the fawns. Like to? We’d love to!

That’s Kourtney (me) with Pee Wee, the sweetest little fawn ever. Lori has pictures of him when he was a baby. He was a little bigger than a smart phone.

This is Magic with Courtney who was staying at the lodge with her parents. I know 2 of us in one place on the same weekend! What are the chances?

Courtney’s dad (Ken) feeding the fawns.

After feeding these adorable fawns and meeting the other deer, we headed into the lodge…

The main entrance had amazing accents and attention to detail. It opened up into the huge central area. The vaulted ceiling gave it such an open feeling, you’d swear you were outside because the roof appeared so far away. 🙂

I loved the chandelier and the loft above filled with toys for children. This place was designed for family and couple getaways, which is quite a feat!

Our breakfast was delicious and chocked full of choices…

Lori and Ken were great about working around dietary restrictions–OL can’t eat eggs and I have to watch my sugar intake. They made you feel like friends visiting with them with their suggestions on restaurants and places to visit.

OL and I fell in love with their dog, Buddy, who was the most polite dog I’ve ever met. He would bow and tap dance for food, but was a perfect gentleman at the table. I miss him!

We stayed in the moose room, which was really lovely. Little moose accents and touches were found around the room. Each day, I discovered something new. It was great! The room’s walls were painted to look like leather. The bed was super comfortable and enveloped you in softness. The sheets were butter soft as was the blanket and comforter.

There was a single bed in our room too, which would work well for a family with a kid too.

Our bathroom was across the hall and each day I smiled as I pointed out something I hadn’t noticed before to OL. The decorations are so subtle and such care was put into them, you can’t help marveling at it.

OL had to point out the moose mirror over the toilet. I totally missed it.

Downstairs, besides the rooms and the bathrooms, there’s a great common area for playing pool, watching tv, or playing cards. There’s a fridge and bar with water and glasses that you are free to use.

But that’s not all. There’s a small pond in the back yard and a hot tub. OL and I got to hang out in the hot tub under the stars drinking cherry wine and chilling. Perfect vacation experience. Of course, OL had to play with all the buttons until he discovered all the possible setting and got the lights to change colors in the hot tub.

And if it happens to be raining outside or you prefer a swim, there is a swim tub inside that looks out on the pond!

We did not want to leave. We only had 2 days there and wished we’d booked a week. It was not just a haven for deers, but for overstressed people who wanted to get back to nature but still have every creature comfort imaginable!

And where was this amazing place?

Butternut, Wisconsin–on State Highway 13 about 5.5-6 hours from Milwaukee.

I’ll definitely get back there–just to see Ken, Lori and Buddy again is reason enough. But with all the amenities they provide, staying at their lodge is a vacation in and of itself.  Maybe I’ll bring my parents this time. They could use a little R&R. 🙂

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7 Responses to Deer Haven Lodge–The best Wisconsin Vacation Getaway

  1. berry says:

    Why there. How did u find it. Love the dog. Can’t believe how nice way out there. Like a retreat from life.

    • Setting my newest book in Wisconsin so wanted to get the lay of the land. Never been there before. 🙂 Found them online. They have a great website. It was sooooo nice. OL said I am so much more relaxed now!

  2. Emma says:

    Okay, forget what I said in my previous about the flight and the long drive to that place. IT LOOKS PERFECT and I think it’s definitely worth the long way. I was thinking maybe my family and I will spend our next vacation there. It seems perfect with all the animals and everything else they have. Thanks for mentioning this B&B!

  3. Ted Exley says:

    What a beautiful retreat! It looks like an absolute oasis away from the daily stresses of life. Definitely a hot spot for animal lovers. I will have to look into it if I decide to take a Wisconsin vacation!

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