Wisconsin Here I come

I hate the muggy heat of summers here. I got back from Newport and it was nice. 80s. For two days I could wear jeans. Sigh. Now muggy again. But I am heading out to Wisconsin for a long weekend and guess what? It’s 70s. Which means Jeans and gasp a sweatshirt at night. Love it.

Why Wisconsin? Because I decided to set my new novel there. So I have to drive around and get the lay of the land. See how it is. So my imagination can take it and run with it. Very excited. Been planning this trip since February.  Can’t wait to see the Turtle Flambeau Flowage in the Northwoods.

Staying at a cool bed and breakfast…will fill you in on how that goes. We land in Milwaukee and then it’s 5.5 hrs of driving. I hope we have satellite radio. In Newport we listed to some crazy music. We found christian rock singing about “the lord, the famous one.” Is there another Christian god? I thought it was monotheistic. So now I’m kinda scratching my head on that one. 😛

I am hoping there’s a Cracker Barrel onroute. Or something equally fun.

I’ll let you know next week when I get back. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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6 Responses to Wisconsin Here I come

  1. Emma says:

    You are really committed to your writing, taking a flight to Milwaukee and then driving for almost six hours, that’s a long way. But I guess when you are a writer as passionate as you are, that’s part of the package 🙂

    • I did as much online research as I could, but it’s pretty far off the beaten path, so I had to do a trip there. Wish I’d spent more time. I really enjoyed the area. PLus I wanted to give an air of authenticity to my writing. I grew up in a small town but not in WI.

  2. Jeannie Mertig says:

    That is great hope you have fun

    • Kourtney says:

      Hi, Sorry for the confusion. This is an old post from 2013/2014. I was doing some work on the blog over the weekend and accidentally this got reposted.

  3. Maxine says:

    Hope you’re to Butternut! Pioneer Day parade in two hours!

    • Kourtney says:

      Aw I wish I was there. Hope it’s an awesome weekend. This is an old post from 2013/2014 that got reposted as a new post while I was tweaking the blog this weekend.

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