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The Rollercoaster of Revisions

It was a few weeks back, when I was in NY for the MWA-NY panel, that I sat down to lunch and read something that would help me through my editorial revisions over the past week and a half. It’s … Continue reading

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Taking A Break…

Today, I’m heading into NYC to catch a plane to Arizona, where I get to mix business and pleasure. I’ll be visiting with family and catching up with my beloved crit partner, Kat, in person! I can’t wait to escape … Continue reading

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Requests for Revisions and Request for Manuscript

So I’ve been sitting on two amazing piece of good news. Debating if I should share it or just wait and see what comes of it… But life is lots of moments that have to be shared or else the … Continue reading

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The Problem With a Continually Improving Manuscript

Here’s a new frustration. As I begin querying and entering contests, I submit what I think is a polished draft. Then I take a class or attend a lecture and learn something new. And when I come back to the … Continue reading

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Hooray for Temporary Blinds!

So my big activity today was cutting 5 temporary blinds and hanging two of them. My dad had to hang the other three because of how hard it was to get to those windows. The room is coming along. Now … Continue reading

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How Much Feedback Can You Take

So you’ve written your novel, you’ve done some revising and you’ve shown it to a few people. But you find the more people you show it to, the more feedback you receive. This should be a good thing. After all … Continue reading

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Hitting Your Groove

Did you ever read a draft of something you wrote and feel vaguely unhappy with it? Like an outfit that doesn’t work but you can’t say what isn’t working. Worse still, every time you try to pinpoint the source of … Continue reading

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