Taking A Break…


Today, I’m heading into NYC to catch a plane to Arizona, where I get to mix business and pleasure. I’ll be visiting with family and catching up with my beloved crit partner, Kat, in person!

I can’t wait to escape the snow. Swimming. I get to go swimming in March!

I’m doing an author event in Tucson too! I’ll be at the  Tucson Festival of Books March 15th from 2-4 pm in the Author Pavilion West selling and signing books! If you happen to be there, please stop by.

While I’m away, I’m going to take a blog holiday so there will be no new posts until March 24th. I love my blog buddies and I will miss you lots!


Before I head out, I want to thank each and every reader who took the time to write a review for Six Train. It means the world to me. I read every single review and take what you say to heart. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Last week we hit a major milestone–50 reviews on Amazon for Six Train. Woohoo! As promised, I revealed 3 things about the sequel on Facebook.

In case you don’t follow me there, I’m reposting them here too.

Drumroll please…..

Three things that will happen in Six Train’s sequel:

1) Kai’s parents, her sister Naomi, and her brother Caleb will be in Butternut for the holidays.

2) Kai and Oliver will visit NYC.

3) Kai will grapple with everything that happened in the cave and struggle to find her way back to herself.

I’m feeling incredibly optimistic so if/when we hit 75 reviews on Amazon, I will reveal more details about the sequel’s opening scene, possibly the first line. 😉  Right now, we are at 51 reviews, so we need 24 more reviews. I’ll  also open the blog to reader questions about the sequel and give you more clues about what will be happening.

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