Requests for Revisions and Request for Manuscript

So I’ve been sitting on two amazing piece of good news. Debating if I should share it or just wait and see what comes of it…

But life is lots of moments that have to be shared or else the goodness of the news expires, so here goes.

Back in May, I got a full request from my dream agent on my adult fantasy manuscript. A few weeks later, the agent’s assistant came back with tons of positive feedback and a two-page editorial style letter outlining the five areas that needed work. After digesting all her insightful points, I started work on revisions.

And as hard as they are to make, they are really amazing. Improving the manuscript so much, I want to hug her.

I committed to addressing all of their concerns and getting them a revised manuscript by Mid-October, which might sound like a lot of time, but there are substantial POV changes that have to be made throughout the manuscript. So for the next two months, I’ll be cutting back my FB, Twitter, and Pinterest time. I’ll be here on the blog and still reading other blogs, but revisions will be my priority.

And my other unexpectedly lovely news–I got a full request from an editor during my manuscript consultation at the SCBWI conference. I really loved my beginning and wanted to test the waters of my new YA novel. I had no idea if I’d be talking with an agent, editor, or author, but I figured a little feedback on the first ten pages would be cool.

The editor really liked my pages and requested the whole manuscript. I was not expecting that. She was really gracious when I explained that I had committed to doing revisions for an agent on my other book and it might be several months before I could send her the revised version of my new book.

I have no idea if either of these requests will lead me closer to publication, but I’m excited by the possibilities. 🙂

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