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Grandma H Moments

I’ve been going through a rough patch with my writing. I really started to feel like all these agent rejections left me facing a dead-end road. So I’ve been down the past few weeks. Grandma H picked me up for … Continue reading

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Things Grandma H Said at the Mall

I’m at Ihop with Grandma H and she says, “You should go to a drive by.” I ask, “You mean a drive through?” “What’s the difference?” “One I get shot at, the other I order my food to go.” She … Continue reading

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What’s Your Magic Word?

There is one word. One word I utter one time. No matter where in the house Emerson is, he comes running. It’s his magic word. The thing he drops everything for. The thing he loves most in the world. Strawberry. … Continue reading

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How Being a Semifinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest Has Improved My Life

Free congratulatory lunches with my closest friends!!! Thanks Ant and Lin for celebrating my successes with me. It’s amazing to have had decades of our life journey together. The awesome reviews by fellow bloggers, family, personal friends, writing buddies, and … Continue reading

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Emerson Doesn’t Want Mommie

Emerson, my shih-tzu lhasa apso dog, is probably the most vocal dog I’ve ever known. At night, he prefers cuddle time with grammie on the couch while we watch tv. If I try to pick him up, the video above … Continue reading

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Wig Shopping with Grandma

  (This is not a picture of Grandma in her new wig.)   Last Wednesday, Grandma H decided we would add wig shopping to our to-do list. Grandma H has a good head of hair, but she doesn’t like having … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

A ginormous thank you to Marc Schuster for presenting me with the Versatile Blogger Award! I love filling my blog with tidbits from my life. It’s even more wonderful to know someone is enjoying reading it. In the tradition of this award, … Continue reading

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Book Review–Too Good To Be True

During the worst of my jet lag, I couldn’t sleep from 2-6 a.m. for several nights in Italy. What to do? Well, I took my Ipad in the bathroom (so as not to disturb my travel companion’s sleep) and read … Continue reading

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