Hunter College Writing Conference + Editorial Revisions + Title Change +New Agent Search+Author Photo Poll

Hunter College Writing Conference

I was on one of the first panel’s of the day, the Children’s panel, with Dan Greenburg, Judith Greenburg, Richard Peck, and Chris Grabenstein.

Great group of authors and very friendly to a newbie. Each one of them had published dozens of books already.


I got to attend the rest of the panels, which were filled with amazing authors.


The Fiction I panel was awesome. I met Meg Wolitzer and g0t her to sign my book. She raised a great point about how writers need to find the overlap between ideas outside yourself and what is inside yourself. What preoccupies you.



In the Fiction II panel, Warren Adler stressed that the most important trait for him and his friends as authors was that they treat it as work. Write 5 pages, 7 days a week. Before you go to sleep figure out what your characters will do tomorrow. And the secret to writing is rewriting and rewriting.


We had a lovely lunch and James McBride was our keynote speaker. This was the view from our luncheon.

I also made a few new writing friends (Hi Mike and Megan!) and sold two books. For me, it was a day well spent!


Editorial Revisions 

I sent off my first 100 pages on Reckonings to my editor last week. Before I got back from New York, I had comments from her. She really liked how I incorporated her suggestions. And said these pages were:

“…Just terrific. Much more dynamic and gripping.”

That took some pressure off because that was the section with the most revisions. And I was so worried about whether I was getting it right. Some of my revisions even gave her shivers. 🙂

She noted a few minor concerns that I need to work on and caught a plot loophole too. I am so lucky to have her on my team.

Yesterday, I sent off the next 100 pages to her. The middle was the easiest stretch of the book. For some reason, I really hit my groove there. Now, I’m heading into the end which has to be just as awesome as the rest of it. Even better actually. Gulp.


Title Change 

The team at Harlequin has decided on the new title for Reckonings. They picked one of my suggestions which is really cool. From now on Reckonings will be called:


The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts



New Agent Search


So unfortunately, Victoria did not like my next book, DM. She will continue to act as representation for The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts, but for future books I will have to start the agent search all over again.  I am split so thin between revisions and promoting that I can’t start querying right now. I’m back burnering that until August.

After 7 years in the query wars, I have a short and long list of agents I’d love to work with. We’ll see if things go better this go round.


Author Photo Poll

So I’ve narrowed it down to 6 possible choices for my author photo for the YA gothic mystery novel, The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts. This will go on all the promo materials and the book jacket. I’d really appreciate some help in deciding. So let the voting begin. I can blur the background so don’t worry too much about that. The focus is on the best face.

Photo A:


Photo B:



Photo C:



Photo D:



Photo E: 


Photo F:


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