Six Train’s a USA Best Book Awards Finalist!



Drumroll please….

Last Thursday I got an email and found out that The Six Train to Wisconsin is a 2013 USA Best Book Awards Finalist in the cross-genre fiction category!

I was so happy, I danced around my desk and kissed Emerson. He tolerated it.

Then I fired off a bunch of emails to get the image above and send it to my cover designer to add to the book cover. I drafted a press release and sent it to several local papers. And I let everyone on FB know about it.

This means that the USA Book News website will keep Six Train visible on their website for 10 more months! That’s incredible visibility for an indie author.

And I owe a big big thank you to Carrie Rubin. Her novel, The Seneca Scourge, was an 2012 USA Best Book Awards Winner for the fiction ebook category and she inspired me to enter Six Train in this contest.


Now onto some sales stats. All sales numbers are in for October. I sold 80 copies of Six Train. Woohoo.


I’m scheduled to do a book club chat via Skype on Tuesday night at 11:45 pm for another LA book club. I’m so excited because the hostess is cooking Austrian food and it sounds like an epically awesome night.

I’m also judging declamations at Chase Collegiate on Friday morning.


I’ve been working on the outline for Six Train’s sequel. Researching stuff and touching base with experts who can help me.

I got to chat with the awesome Terry Brennan about Brennan’s Green Brier in Butternut. So so great that he could find time to share an insider’s perspective. And he totally sparked my imagination for that scene. Thanks Terry!




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