The Ultimate Six Train Book Club Experience


This week’s book club dinner party for The Six Train to Wisconsin was a smashing success thanks to Shannan’s intricate planning.

She enlisted an Austrian friend to help prepare Wiener Schnitzel and Wiener Apfelstrudel. Shannan made Butternut soup too! Perfect foods to accompany Six Train.

She hosted a lovely dinner.

I FaceTimed in for the post-dinner and pre-dessert book discussion. It was so fun to talk about how my trip to Austria in 2009 inspired the food in the book and swayed Oliver’s heritage from German to Austrian.

The ladies had terrific questions and it was a blast to chat about my characters and my story with readers who enjoyed it. They really wanted to dig into the how and why of the story. And I loved every second of it.

Their suggestion of Amanda Seyfried to play Kai in the movie was brilliant. I still haven’t found an actor who screams Oliver to me. But for Mickey I always picture Katie McGrath. And Alexander Skarsgard immediately jumps to mind for Alex.

I sent Shannan some party favors–signed bookmarks, swag bags, and a set of color photos from the book. Just little touches to let her know how much I appreciated her book club picking my book and inviting me to join in their discussion.

I was so excited when the call ended that I was up 3 more hours smiling and wishing I could do it all over again.

Many many thanks to Shannan for hosting such a lovely night!

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