Top Five Promotional Tips from MARCON


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Fusco

In October, Rhonda and I headed out to White Plains for MARCON 2013–a one day extravaganza dedicated to marketing and promotion for authors. Worth every second and every cent spent.

I walked away with a week’s worth of work to do.

Thanks Jen, Sara, and Melanie!

1) Public speaking is all about engaging your audience. Make eye contact and complete a thought before your gaze shifts.  Don’t read from paper and don’t dance around.  

Courtesy of Sara Humphrey’s brilliant workshop–she revolutionized public speaking and appearances for me and gave me the courage to speak without notes.

2) Know your target audience and build your marketing plan around them.

Courtesy of Jennifer Fusco–she taught me how to craft  a brand statement and a marketing plan.

3) Make sure your blog tour is a balance of writer blogs, reader blogs, book review blogs, and any niche area of interest that fits your book. You want to get in front of as many potential readers as you can.

Courtesy of Melanie Meadors–she knows how to plan a blog tour to end all blog tours.

4) Metadata matters. Make sure the keywords for your website tie in to your book and you.

Jennifer Fusco is an expert at leveraging every form of media out there.

5) Marketing is about building relationships with your readers. Invest in them and they will invest in you.

Jennifer Fusco’s no-nonsense approach to marketing has shaped my indie career.

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