I <3 Hart House+ EPIC Ebook Finalist + Final Book Tour Event


I am so excited to announce that The Six Train to Wisconsin is a finalist for EPIC’s Ebook Awards 2014 in the paranormal category! The winner will be announced in March. So I get to savor being a finalist for 5 months. 🙂


The Hart House event on October 10th was a wonderful night!


Photo by Lily Hum

Stephanie Kang spent months working with me to make it all come together. She was there every step of the way down to helping me lay out the display table and figure out the format for the night.

10,000 thank yous to Steph for making it such a magical literary evening.

We had about 25 people in the audience. This was one of the best coordinated and organized events of my entire book tour because of Steph and the amazing people at Hart House.


My amazing former coworkers (Igleka, Lily, Max, & Johnny SOX) and good friends came out to support me. They sat in the front row and eased my nerves as I spoke without consulting my notes.


Photo by Ashton Price

My blog buddy Catherine Forsley and her musical partner Ashton Price came and sat in the front row too!


Photo by Lily Hum

I loved the atmosphere and setting of Hart House. They set me up in their library. Beautiful wood work and gorgeous stone fireplace.

It was my first time speaking off the cuff. I was pretty nervous. Either my hands were flying around or gripping themselves. But I realized the audience is more engaged when I’m engaging with them and not a piece of paper.

Everyone enjoyed my reading so much so that they asked for an encore. The Q&A was a lively back and forth. Lots of fantastic questions. It was awesome to have such an attentive audience. Torontonians are the best.

The signing went well too. I sold 10 books. Woohoo.

I also made several new friends and I hope to hear from my U of T friends soon!


My final book tour event is this Wednesday, October 23rd from 6-8 pm at Salon 2b in Manhattan. If you’re in the city, please drop by.

Wine, cheese, and fruit will be served along with a short reading from the novel and a Q&A about the story.

For the first time ever, my photography from the book will be for sale. A portion of the profits from this evening’s book and photo sales will be donated to benefit the Dynamite Youth Center.

This is the last stop on the Six Train book tour, ending where it all began.


The final sales numbers are in for September, I sold 63 books.


I am behind in my blog reading, I will be catching up soon. My apologies–I was traveling Oct 9-13 and then I got a bad chest cold Oct 14-19.  I needed to rest up for my next event so some things fell behind. I promise to catch up very soon!

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