What’s Happening in Butternut?


Last week, the lovely Anna Maria Hansen emailed me to set up an interview with her for the Price County Publications. They cover Butternut and Park Falls and the surrounding towns. Anna Maria is a reporter and a member of the Third Story Writers Guild.

Before any interview, I get nervous. Two minutes before she was scheduled to call, Emerson leapt off the bed and came to sit in front of me. He wanted to be picked up. I started to put him back on the bed, but then I remembered how calming his presence was during my interview with Tracy O’Shaughnessy. I sat him in my lap.

I was really impressed that Anna Maria found the time to read my book before the interview. I had a delightful time talking with her. Can’t wait to see the article!

This weekend I got an email from Kelly Meredith, the President of the Butternut Area Historical Society. She wanted to say hello and request my press kit to help her promote my upcoming events in Butternut! I am so excited to be a part of the town’s celebration!

I have never met more friendly and helpful people in my  life. Butternut is truly a magical place. I am counting down the days until my visit, which is from July 23-29.

I’m doing a library talk at the Park Falls Library on July 25th at 6pm on my path to publication.

From July 26-28th, I get to participate in the fantastic schedule for their Pioneer Days.

On July 26th, there is a lovely reception with town officials and dignitaries and me at 7 pm.

On July 27th, I’m going to the mural dedications and then signing books from 12 pm onward at The Quilt Shop. A portion of the profits from those book sales are going to the Butternut Area Historical Society.

On July 28th, I’m in the parade to honor Butternut area history at noon.


If I’m not coming to your area, you can still place an order for a personalized autographed copy of my book. Find out how at: http://kourtneyheintz.wordpress.com/signed-copies/


If you’d like your ebook autographed, use this authorgraph link to request one from me.

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