What’s Going on With Six Train

The Enfield Fair Author’s Tent was awesomely organized by Katy Lee. The signing table had a nice tablecloth. Each author’s book was displayed  in a stand and their bio was in a nice see-through placard. The books were organized in bins and the sales were processed with a card reader and a cash box.

Everything was set up to perfection!

Unfortunately, the weather refused to cooperate. It was 95 on Saturday with high high humidity.

I broke a sweat walking to the tent at 1 pm and never stopped sweating. Luckily, mom had frozen bottles of water, which I kept applying to my pulse points and under my shirt. It didn’t help much.

No one wanted to carry a book in that heat. Who could blame them?

Only a few people signed up for my giveaway. Several took bookmarks. And I sold 1 book in 3.5 hours.

I wasn’t able to sit with my sciatica so I stood most of the 3.5 hours with an occasional kneeling.

The upside was that I got to catch up with several fantastic authors. I’m talking about you Rebecca Rose, T.L. Costa, J Monkeys, PJ Sharon, and Katy Lee.

If I have to be roasting in hell, I’m glad I had you all there with me.


I had a lively Q&A about alternating POV, my writing day, feedback, and my warrior lapdog with Susan of  My Withershins that posted on July 7th.

I guest posted on Cat Forsley’s blog about how Taoism influenced my personal philosophy and my writing on July 9th.

Today, I’m over on Coleen Patrick’s blog talking about how an introvert became a promoter.


I just got a re-order for a dozen more signed books from the Novel Idea Bookshop in Park Falls, WI.


June sales were pretty good. About 65% of my sales came from my events. I sold 100 books total in June.


Right now, I’m preparing two talks for my time in Butternut. One is a nice meet and greet and the other is much longer and geared toward a local writing group, The Third Story Writers Guild, and  discussing My Path to Publication.

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