Monte Carlo–Movie Review


Linds and I had our last girl’s night out until September last Thursday night. We went to see Monte Carlo starring Selena Gomez, as high school graduate Grace who has always dreamed of a trip to Paris.

She’s going with her best friend and diner co-worker, the outrageous Emma. Then her stepdad decides his daughter should join them. Cue the unfriendly, uber-responsible stepsister, Meg.

The trip starts off with a horrible whiplash fast tour of sights and a hotel that tripadvisor would pan.

When the tour guide abandons them at the Eiffel Tower, they get lost getting back to their a rainstorm. And duck into a posh hotel.

And that’s where the magic begins. Grace is a dead ringer for an heiress, Cordelia, who is about to skip out on charity responsibilities to jet set with friends.

So when the hotel manager mistakes Grace for Cordelia…she goes with it.

And all three friends end up on the trip of their dreams in Monte Carlo.

The actresses each did an outstanding job, especially Selena playing down-to-Texas Grace and snobberific Cordelia. Leighton Meister was totally believable as the straight-laced one (Meg) as was Katie Cassidy as (Emma) the small town beauty with big time dreams.

There was a ton of slapstick humor and mayhem which reminded me of the classic 1950s romantic comedies, where three girls go to a European country and romance and adventure ensue.

Each girl stumbles on love while in Monte Carlo. And each guy is absolutely dreamy. Though Pierre Boulanger as Theo was super gorgeous. Le sigh.

Overall a terrific romantic comedy and worth seeing on the big screen because of all the amazing shots of Paris and Monte Carlo.

We ended with dinner at a nice Chinese place in Southington. Not like I won’t be eating enough Chinese this summer. ;P

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