Movie Review– Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II



I can’t believe I saw the final Harry Potter movie in Hong Kong. Perfect timing.

I missed the US release date and we were in London for the blink of an eye. But in HK we stumbled across the Times Square Hogwarts displays and thought we might find it here.

So glad we did. And in English too.

If you’ve been a Potter fan for years, you know the pain of reading the last book. Realizing you had to say goodbye to the beloved characters. But the movies were still to come.

But now, the last movie is out.

However, as the eighth installment in the movie series, this may be the best. Definitely darker than the earlier ones. Some painful realizations and fast growing up for Harry and his friends.

But the movie delivers a satiating ending. It’s all that I imagined reading the book.

The actors I’ve watched mature onscreen all delivered top-tier performances. Immersing me in the story and their character’s drama.

I believed I was right there with Harry saving Draco from a fire, or Hermione and Ron battling the basilisk.

The 3-D. Wow. They need to re-release all the films in 3-D. I’d be first in line. Everything looked so real.

Even the subtitles in Chinese characters were 3-D. Mega coolness factor.

If you catch one 3-D film this summer, make it Harry Potter!



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