Crimebake–Guest Blog on Talking About Your Book on the Radio and Creating Podcasts

Today is the first guest blog ever by my amazing friend and fellow author, Nora LeDuc. I met Nora at the Backspace Conference last May. She went out of her way to help me work out some of the issues in my story, becoming a close writing friend.

When we met up at Crimebake, I found out she attended workshops I didn’t, so I asked her to share some of what she learned here on my blog. Nora, being one of the nicest people I’ve ever known who also writes a great mystery, agreed.

Guest Blog from Crimebake Conference Workshop

By Nora LeDuc

Last week at the Crimebake, I had the opportunity to attend the Master Class: How to talk about Your Book on the Radio and Create a Podcast by Jordan Rich. For those of you unfamiliar with Jordan he is the host of “The Jordan Rich Show” on WBZ News Radio broadcast from Boston.  I can guarantee if you turn on his nightly show, you won’t fall asleep. First the man’s voice is the kind radios producers dream about.  Second, the man does his homework and researches his guests to ask intelligent answers.

Jordan’s first piece of advice for us was to do your homework. If you’re planning an interview at a particular station, go to their website; know your host and the format. Ask questions. Will the show be taped or is it live? How long will I speak? Will I take phone calls etc?

Mr. Rich suggested you be prepared and don’t ask your listeners for questions. Plan some topics and questions you’d like to discuss. Your homework will always pay off. Be sure to ask about the parameters of the show.

Can you mention where to buy your book? Sometimes nonprofit shows cannot advertise. If you can mention where your book is selling, try to reintroduce it after 2 to 3 minutes. Jordan himself follows this format.  He’ll reintroduce his author guests and where to pick up a copy of their latest release. A good reason for this strategy is that the radio audience changes during the show.

Other important hints for guests included: be aware you will need to wear earphones, should take off jewelry and remember, don’t pound on the table to make a point. Use good posture and keep the mike 3 to 5 inches from your mouth.  Tell stories. The audience loves them.

If you’re interested in podcasting from your computer don’t use a cell phone. Jordan noted that phones are worse today than years ago because of the cell phone. Dropped calls result in more lost guests than any other problem when you’re podcasting. He also advised against using a head set. He offered us the names of decent microphones and a brief step by step guide to getting started.

His last piece of advice for us novices was, be enthusiastic.  I can say our speaker certainly was a great model for enthusiasm. Thanks, Jordan.

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