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How to Rock a Book Festival

  1) Work As A Team Person #1 needs to get in line for the panel/workshop. Person #2 needs to leave the workshop early to get in line for the signing. If you’ve got more people–great more division of work. 2) Divide and Conquer … Continue reading

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How To Keep Calm and Carry On During the Writing Life’s Limbos

  Maintaining your sanity while waiting is not an easy thing. If you follow my blog, you know how hard it’s been. I think years of dealing with a herniated disc taught me one thing: LGO (Life Goes On). I … Continue reading

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What Comes Next…

  I sent my revised manuscript to the agent on Sunday. 1000 lbs off my shoulders. And Monday morning I faced a new unknown… What comes next. I still had blog posts and social media stuff to do. But this … Continue reading

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The Precipice in the Present

It’s so much easier to see where you’ve been than where you are going. I can look back at my life and connect the dots. See what led to successes and misses. I can weave a beautiful tale of how … Continue reading

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Delayed Gratification and the Harry Potter Series

So I have a little secret that I can finally share with the world. I just finished the last Harry Potter book. But Kourtney, it was published in 2007! Yup. And I avoided all spoilers for 3 freaking years. Because … Continue reading

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Pablo Neruda has this great poem that starts off “It was half past eleven in autumn and I was waiting for someone or another. Time tired of being there with me, little by little left and left me all alone.” … Continue reading

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