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Digging Deeper

I’ve laid down the rough draft of Six Train’s sequel. The beginning has gone through 6 rounds of revisions as I work. The end is clunky. It’s only been through 1 round. The hardest part is the emotional arc. I’ve … Continue reading

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Getting Kicked in the Writing Testicles

I was so excited in May when a huge agent requested my full. I was delighted two weeks later when her assistant praised my novel and sent me two pages of editorial notes. I was determined to get to work … Continue reading

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The Synopsis: A tool of drafting, revising, and querying

The Synopsis is like winning on several lines of slot play. Are you shaking your head at me, wondering how I could ever claim that the dreadworthy synopsis is, gulp, a good thing multiple times over? Good. Because I used … Continue reading

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I’m Going to Be a Ghost Town Today

Finally starting to feel the antibiotics working. Thank you modern medicine! But I decided today, I’m going to be a ghost town. I’m going to stay in my pjs all day. I’m not going on FB or Twitter. I’m going … Continue reading

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Chapter 19 May Kill Me

I’ve hit a new record. Killed a red pen on one chapter of my work in progress. Chapter 19 turned out to be the worst chapter. To date. Here’s a sample of the notes I wrote to myself: Shorter scenes, … Continue reading

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Music Break

Just have to share this song…I’ve been revising to it…

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Revision Day

When you write “The End” it really is the beginning of the next phase with the manuscript. You aren’t saying goodbye. You’re saying hello to 3-4 months of revising. And as I wrote “The End” I knew the first 5 … Continue reading

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Setting–my nemesis

I hate hate HATE writing setting. I can imagine the scene unfolding in my head. See all the background and the details. But they always feel like background. Window dressing. Never the meat and potato of the scene. And while … Continue reading

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