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Surprises and Suspense: SCBWI Highlights

Karen Cushman spoke to us about the importance of courting surprises in our writing. One of her best tips is “Don’t fear surprise, welcome it.” Sometimes we have no idea why something comes unbidden. But it’s okay to stray from … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Future of Us

Last week my favorite librarian chatted with me about YA books. I mentioned my love of Jay Asher and she recommended a book he co-wrote with Carolyn Mackler called The Future of Us. Best recommendation ever! I laughed, I flipped … Continue reading

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Thirteen Reasons Why–Book Review

This book lingered in my psyche all week. I found myself bringing it up in every conversation. Or rather turning every conversation to it. With my penpal in Okinawa, with my bff at IHOP, to dad when he walked in … Continue reading

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