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Why Self-Hosting a Blog Became Important to Me

Welcome to my new blogging home! I kept everything I could about the old blog, including my 7 years of posts and my theme, and migrated it over to my website. I’m sure lots of you are wondering why after … Continue reading

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To Leave or Not to Leave?

Every author faces this question at one event or another. Maybe there is no one at the event or the people at the event aren’t coming near the author tables. How long do you stick it out? It depends. If … Continue reading

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A Week Without My Laptop

Last week my laptop went down. A major hardware problem made it malfunction. I still had Apple Care protection so I called in and then sent my laptop off to the Apple Engineers. It completely derailed my week. Because despite … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in 5 Different Beds in a Week

  1)You keep waking up with no idea where you are so you resort to having night lights. 2) You find yourself laying in bed #4 exhausted after traveling from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm and you can’t move. So … Continue reading

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A weekend of Tech Glitches

This is pretty much how my entire weekend has been. I thought switching from my MacBook Pro to a new MacBook Pro would be much easier than converting from a PC to Macbook Pro 5 years ago. WRONG. So utterly … Continue reading

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I’m a Writer Damn It!

This cracked me up. How many times have you had a conversation like this with someone in your life?

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