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How an Extreme Introvert Can Survive A Day at NY Comic Con

Despite living in Manhattan and DC for 12 years of my life, crowds have always made me nervous. Specifically being trapped in giant crowds of shuffling people who are brushing up against me and stepping on me. Which is pretty much a … Continue reading

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The Whirlwind of December

  December was my busiest month this year! I had two holiday craft fairs on December 6th and December 13th. That means I’m up at 6:30 a.m. getting ready, packing the car, heading to the venue, setting up, and then actively selling … Continue reading

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Dining Out with Friends

So the past two nights I had two delicious dinners with two good friends. Tuesday night, I went out with Ant (my friend since I was 11). We were doing a belated b-day celebration. So he took me to one … Continue reading

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A humble thank you

You know at the park how people gather around the sea lions and cheer and clap, hoping they’ll perform? Well I just wanted to take a moment to thank the people who were my cheering squad though my spine problems, … Continue reading

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The Ties that Bind

I’ve been doing so much thinking lately. And despite all the job turmoil and uncertainty about my future, I feel tremendously grounded. Why? I’ve got amazing pillars supporting my world. My parents love me more than I can begin to … Continue reading

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July 4

I’ve spent July 4 with friends, with family, in foreign countries, in NYC, at the beach, etc. It’s funny how holidays become so significant in memory. July 4 and October 31 are two of my favorites. They are fun holidays … Continue reading

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Appreciating the Now

Today, I woke up with a greater appreciation of the Now. I only have two weeks left at my company. And suddenly the morning commute isn’t something I dread. I think whenever there’s an end in sight you can appreciate … Continue reading

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What’s My Purpose

So I was watching Avenue Q a while back and Princeton is fresh out of undergrad and trying to find his purpose. He stops living, determined to find his purpose before he does anything else. This got me thinking. What’s … Continue reading

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Support System

Today, I was working on sketching out notes on TSTTW and realized how lucky I am as a writer. It’s a very solitary pursuit as they say, but I have a group of friends and family who really support my … Continue reading

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