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Life Lessons from Emerson

Since I’m on my way to Killer Nashville (where I’ll be signing books and participating on panels from August 22-26), Emerson graciously agreed to impart some of his dog wisdom today. Life Lessons from Emerson 1) If someone is ignoring you, … Continue reading

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Things to Make You Smile

I’ve been battling a nasty stomach virus all week. So today’s a short picture post on things that make me smile. Hopefully, they’ll make you smile too. Emerson in bed   Kata Beach Sunset Valentine’s Day Roses from Dad Ginormous … Continue reading

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Emerson Doesn’t Want Mommie

Emerson, my shih-tzu lhasa apso dog, is probably the most vocal dog I’ve ever known. At night, he prefers cuddle time with grammie on the couch while we watch tv. If I try to pick him up, the video above … Continue reading

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My Favorite Christmas Moments


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Leaving Home

I always feel a tug at my heart when I leave home. And it doesn’t matter if it’s for a few days or weeks. Though seven weeks feels like a long time. Haven’t had a trip like this since college. … Continue reading

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Lessons From My Dog

Time with loved ones is important, even if you doze in their lap while they write a manuscript. Always stretch before and after you get out of bed. Downward Dog is a favorite. Make time for play. Half an hour … Continue reading

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Home Sick

Is there anything worse than being stuck at home sick in the springtime? Missing Edgar week sucks. Chronic nausea and feeling 90 just make it worse. Thn there’s the gurgly moans issuing from my stomach. And the burning inside my … Continue reading

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One Thousand Words a Day…or die

So Monday morning, I sat down and faced a blank page. I wanted to write 1000 words, but *gasp!* faced a new scene. What to do? I played the what if game. What if x came over? And 500 words … Continue reading

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This weekend I had a staycation. I wanted to take a mini vacation and go visit the parents in CT, but my neck decided otherwise. I figured the best way to relax the muscle spasms was a staycation. So I … Continue reading

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What’s My Purpose

So I was watching Avenue Q a while back and Princeton is fresh out of undergrad and trying to find his purpose. He stops living, determined to find his purpose before he does anything else. This got me thinking. What’s … Continue reading

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