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Does Social Media Make You Miserable?

For the past 3 months, I’ve curtailed the time I spend on social media. I check Facebook and Twitter once a week. I respond to all notifications and I try to take about 30 minutes to interact with friends’ posts … Continue reading

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What You Didn’t Know Can Hurt You

Six Train’s sequel is decimating me. What I thought was a good second draft isn’t. And I’m trying to balance my vision for the story against my betas’ comments. I’ve run the emotional gamut from let’s burn this entire manuscript … Continue reading

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A Week Without My Laptop

Last week my laptop went down. A major hardware problem made it malfunction. I still had Apple Care protection so I called in and then sent my laptop off to the Apple Engineers. It completely derailed my week. Because despite … Continue reading

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Reblog: The Fear

  Here’s a reblog of something I posted in 2011 about writer fear. Thought it might be useful to hear what happens inside my head in that moment. 🙂

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Why do I say Um so Much?

Seriously. Whenever, I am giving a brief presentation or talk “Um” slides into the pauses. Why can’t I just freaking pause?! I was practicing a 10 minute overview of charity auctions for writers today. And of course, I said Um … Continue reading

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The Fear

It’s not an everyday thing. But some mornings, after I finish my breakfast, FB, emails. It comes. The Fear. That today I won’t know where to begin my writing. That I’ll sit at the laptop frozen in terror. That my … Continue reading

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So I signed up for a query and a manuscript critique at Killer Nashville. Both I will receive this morning. I’m a little bit butterflies in the belly. I also signed up for verbal pitches. Think godzilla in the belly. … Continue reading

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