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Does Social Media Make You Miserable?

For the past 3 months, I’ve curtailed the time I spend on social media. I check Facebook and Twitter once a week. I respond to all notifications and I try to take about 30 minutes to interact with friends’ posts … Continue reading

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Why Friend Weekends Are the Best Weekends

Brett came to visit me and as always we found something new to explore: Kettletown State Park. It was a pretty easy trail for a mile. I haven’t hiked since last fall so it was nice to get out in … Continue reading

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Are you the protagonist or antagonist?

I’m a bit under the weather so I thought I’d repost an old blog post on characters. Hope you enjoy it!

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How to Break a Heart Reblog

I’m down with the flu. Fever, body aches, cough, unable to breathe awfulness. So I thought I’d repost an old post from 2010 that didn’t get much love.

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Five Years of Blogging

Okay not a 5th blog birthday cake, but you get the gist. February is my fifth February blogging and my blog’s fifth birthday. So I thought we’d look back at a post from each February of my blog’s life.  February … Continue reading

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Reblog: The Price of Love

I’m still settling in from Killer Nashville and RJ Julia’s events. I’ll be back on Monday with posts about the fabulous conference and the cool author night. For now, please enjoy this older rambling of mine.

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We Will Never Ever Be Friends After A Breakup

  Boyfriends bring several things to the table: emotional, mental and physical connections. Friends don’t. Friends only bring emotional and/or mental connections. So they’ve gotta be stellar at maintaining those connections. They can’t off-set their deficiencies with sex. Boyfriends can. … Continue reading

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Reblog: Dream A Little Dream

  As I’m wrapping up the trip and heading back to NY and then CT, I thought a reblog might be nice. This is from 2010. Just something I was thinking about lately. I don’t think I believe in forever. … Continue reading

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Old School Storytelling–Gotye’s Song

  Gotye’s song Somebody That I Used to Know has blown up. I have a theory about why. The lyrics harken back to the origins of songs as tools of storytelling. This song gives us clear insight into the male … Continue reading

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Product Review–Incredible Bra

Really Victoria’s Secret, you’re going to go and name a bra “Incredible”? That’s setting major expectations. Granted the Very Sexy was very sexy. Unless you got the wear-it-multiple-ways version where the straps came undone by themselves. So not very sexy. … Continue reading

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