Happy Spring!


I’m a bit late with this post. I’m just starting to enjoy spring up here in CT! Part of that is the weather’s fault and part is my work load.

I’ve been slogging through revisions on Six Train’s sequel since mid March and averaging 4-5 hours a day writing. It’s such an emotional journey in this book. I feel like I have to live through it all along with my characters. Writing alternating points of view means I am in effect telling two stories.

I forgot how hard this is. But I’m making good progress and I’m going to get it to my beta readers for June 1!

I’ve also been working with my publicist on the book tour, the blog tour, reviews, awards, and all the stuff that can help generate buzz for The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts. That’s another 4-5 hours a day.

Last week, I gave a Career Day talk at Wolcott High School. Met some amazing teenagers who are interested in writing. They were a great audience and I loved talking to them about what I do. I brought bookmarks and tattoos and stickers and they really seemed to like them.

I spent a week practicing my talk so I could do it without looking at my notes.  I was really proud of myself. The teacher told me it was one of the best presentations she’s had from a guest speaker in her class. Woohoo!

I think my part time job teaching really helped me get more comfortable talking to groups.

This weekend was my first break in months. I took a couple days off from writing and promoting, to head up to the NESCBWI conference–I’ll share my thoughts on that next week after I’ve had some time to process all the amazing stuff I’ve learned. 🙂

I hope everyone is having a happy spring. Getting outside. Taking hikes. Gardening. And taking some time for themselves.

I’m finishing up Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane–AMAZING. I love how he just says stuff and never has to explain how any of it works. He’s such a confident writer.

How are things going with your writing? Your work? Spring fever setting in yet?



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