Behind the Scenes: What I’m Doing When I’m Not Writing and Teaching


I met with the owner of the lovely Gifts in a Basket at 51 North Main Street in Southington, CT, and they are now carrying signed copies of my award-winning novel, The Six Train to Wisconsin!


I’m hard at work on promo goodies for The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts. I’ve got an amazing designer working on a temporary tattoo that ties into a family heirloom in the novel. Here’s a sneak peek at an early draft:


She’s also working on a limited edition piece of jewelry that will be a prize in a summer contest for The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts (TGWIG). We met last Friday to talk metals and stones.

I’ve hired a friend of mine to design the stickers too.

Because the book is YA, we’re focusing on more fun goodies that appeal to teens.

There will also be the standard bookmarks and pens. Because who doesn’t love a bookmark or a pen?


I’ve reached out to my web designer about rebranding the book page on my website this summer.


I’m working on getting a banner sign for TGWIG events made.


I gave feedback and approved the press kit that my amazing publicist is sending out soon! My publisher loved the Q&A so much, they decided to include it as bonus content in the paperback of my novel.


I’m brainstorming contest and giveaway ideas with my publicist.


In April, I’ll be attending the NESCBWI Conference in MA. So excited to be there!


I also signed up for ReaderCon 2015 in July. I’ll be attending and volunteering at this awesome event!

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