Listen, Teach, Travel!



I’ve been offline a lot the past week. I wish I could say I was at that relaxing spot above. Nope.

I’ve been proofing my audiobook. It took about 16 hours to do it. The audiobook is only 11 hours long, but I have to listen to it and be reading the book line by line at the same time to make sure no sentences were missed or words changed. That the narrator used the right voice for the dialogue (used her Kai voice when Kai is speaking), that there were no weird background noises and such.

Anytime I noticed anything, I rewound and gave a second listen to make sure. Then I jotted down the chapter, the time stamp, and what the possible issue was.

I sent my list to my narrator/producer on Friday. She will take a listen and make corrections. Right now there’s something weird going on with the tracks and they are open to me and locked for her so I have to get help from ACX on that today.

Hoping to have that for sale in late November/early December on Amazon from

I’ve also been very busy keeping up my 1500 words/5 days a week schedule on Six Train’s sequel. I’m at 75,000 words right now. I should have a bad rough draft completed by the end of next week.

Then I need to take a couple weeks to go over the whole manuscript and make sure it flows decently.

I should have that done in mid-December.

Then I’m going to switch off to another project for a couple months and let that breathe so I can come back and tear it apart during revision in March.

I’m starting a part time job November 18th. It’s two nights a week teaching adults. My classes are English and Keyboarding.

Having one book isn’t enough to live on and I still don’t have my rights back on the other book. I’m trying the traditional route with DM, so that’s probably a while for anything to happen too.

I am going to be curtailing time online while I adjust to the new job. I’ll be here on my blog and on Facebook, but I will probably fall behind in my blog reading for a few weeks.

The day after I start the new job, I am leaving for Miami. I’m going to be in Miami Thursday afternoon. Meeting up with a college friend for dinner and doing the Readers’ Favorite cocktail events on Thursday and Friday night.

I’ll be at the Miami Book Fair on Friday and Saturday and the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Ceremony on Saturday to get my medal!



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