Chasing Discoverability–My Guest Blog on Megan's Stolz's blog




I’m guest blogging over on Megan Stolz’s blog about the indie author’s hardest task–chasing discoverability. Please feel free to stop by and ask questions!

I’ll pop over on her blog all week to respond to any questions/comments about my post.



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8 Responses to Chasing Discoverability–My Guest Blog on Megan's Stolz's blog

  1. Lori D says:

    Hey Kourtney. I just read your article over there but didn’t want to post the thought that’s on my mind. It might be too controversial for there. I just came from a writing blog which had a nice post about indie publishing. OMG, the comments to that article were nasty. The commenters totally trashed indie authors. It really bugged me so I commented with my own argument defending indies. It really upsets me to see hard-working indie authors not get their credit due. The article was nice, but the comments not so nice. I won’t share the link here, but if you’d like it, let me know.

    • Hi Lori. Thanks for commenting here. 🙂 Sorry you stumbled onto those kinds of commenters. Personally, I try not to engage when someone hates indies. Everyone has a opinion and much like religion or politics, I can’t change theirs. So I let it go and focus my time and energy on people who are interested in what I’m writing. 🙂

  2. Some people. What can I say. Can’t argue with a drunk – the same is true with some commenters.
    Big world. Should be room for everyone?
    Some bunny!
    (will wander over to the other discussion shortly)

    • Yup. I am all for voicing opinions, but people need to remember we are all entitled to hold varying opinions. It’s not fact. It’s a viewpoint on something. And no one is universally correct.

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