Fantastic YA Reads: Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Harbinger




It is rare that a book feels like a soul. A being that I’ve connected with. But great books are imbued with a soul. A tiny piece of their creator lives inside them.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone tore through my heart and reminded me of every pain and pleasure of love.

It’s a heart-rending tale of two enemies who fell in love and dared to hope…

And what came next.

Laini Taylor writes emotions in a way that makes it impossible not to feel every excruciating and exhilarating moment of it.

This was one of those books that broke me. Called to something that I hid in myself and made me remember things I’ve carefully forgotten.

This book moved me, stirred me, and made me realize things I’ve shied away from.

An impossibly beautiful story, I am a fan for life of Laini Taylor.




I met Sara at the 2012 SCBWI Summer Conference and got my copy of Harbinger signed. At conferences, there are hundreds of books for sale–what grabbed me was her gorgeous cover and her equally cool title. But it was the inside jacket that sold me on the story.

The writing is brilliant. Descriptions that conjured so much imagery in my head. Sentences I swooned over. Each one flows so perfectly into the next, she cast a spell over me each time I opened the book. The pacing made my pulse race and my eyes fly over the pages. I did not want to put this book down.

I loved the romantic subplot between Faye and Kel.

The author used first person point of view expertly. I usually don’t like unreliable narrators, but Ms. Etienne handled it so perfectly I couldn’t wait to find out what was really happening.

The ending was quite a surprise but she laid intricate clues that made the ending very satisfying.

It’s a gripping literary thriller with paranormal elements set in a dystopian world. Truly a masterpiece in cross genre fiction!


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