Local Event at Pat's IGA Sold Out!



Last Saturday’s event at our local grocery store was an unexpected delight! My friend Audra and my mom both helped out and it wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without them.

Mom and Audra greeted people and sung my book’s praises. They sparked interest and then people came over to sign up for my raffle and talk to me about the book. We sold out of books!

36 books sold and 21 signed photos sold that day!

I donated half the event’s profits to the American Cancer Society and had a memory board for people to write about their experiences with cancer.

That gorgeous memory board is the work of my Aunt Cindi–she’s the Martha Stewart of our family (minus the insider trading of course).

In 5 hours, we raised $173.50 for the American Cancer Society!

People were very friendly and polite. Even when they weren’t interested, they were kind enough to say no thanks. It made for such a pleasant experience!

A huge thank you to the owner of Pat’s for allowing me a space at their place on a busy day with awesome foot traffic!

Big thanks to my friends who came out for me–Andrea who was racing between multiple engagements, Jessica who had demanding toddlers, Ashley and her mom who were beyond sweet, Lori who hung out with us when we were getting started, and Sue who was sick but still came for a book.

Many thanks to my fellow Wolcottites who came out and supported me and this amazing organization!





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