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It’s officially official. And I finally found someone with Publishers Marketplace access to send me the announcement that appeared there about Reckonings (which is being published under my pseudonym K.C. Tansley)!

On to a cool bit of news, my editor (I will never tire of saying those two words) reached out to me and asked me to brainstorm new titles for Reckonings, my YA time travel murder mystery.

They sent me a worksheet that I’ve been working on all weekend–I’m such a nerd. Anyway, I’ve got some possibilities, but I’d really love your help so I’m going to post my hook here and see what you guys think.

I need lots of possibilities to submit to the publisher. If they like a title you suggested, I will make sure you receive a free signed copy of the book and author goodies. And I’ll  do a Skype chat with you and anyone you want to invite.

So here’s the hook:

Forget what you’ve seen on Ghost Whisperer. Ghosts aren’t spirits waiting to cross over. If only it worked like that. Never heard a thank you from them. Ever. Because they aren’t like us. They are broken remnants of a human being. And they seek one thing: reckonings.

Kat Preston stopped believing in ghosts. Not because they weren’t real, but because they overran her reality. She learned to deny their existence every day. It was her only shot at a normal life. Until her junior year at McTernan Academy when a summer project investigating a 127-year-old wedding night murder mystery calls into question all the unbelievables—ghosts, spirits, time travel, curses, spells.

Evan Kingsley, the research partner she nicknamed Satan’s disciple, takes a scientific approach to everything, which doesn’t allow for the unbelievables. But that doesn’t stop Kat from being yanked through a portal. Or Evan from following her. Or them from awakening a week before the murder with their souls trapped inside the bodies of two wedding guests. As if sharing a body with a New England Victorian lady isn’t hard enough, now Kat must rely on Evan to help piece together what happened on the wedding night before it happens again. Caught between trying to prevent the senseless tragedy and needing to get back home, can Kat do both?

Any thoughts on possible titles? Toss anything you’ve got at me.

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