Book Reviews: First of Her Kind and Death's Dream Kingdom


For February, I’d like to showcase two uber talented indie authors that are on my authors to watch list. Because I expect more and more great things from both of them!

K.L. Schwengel crafts a beautiful page-turner with her debut novel, A First of Her Kind.

As the title states Ciara is different than other girls. She has earth magic and something called the wilding inside her. Two very different forms of magic in one teenage girl.

And she dislikes the Goddess, which is pretty unique among practitioners of earth magic. Normally they are devoted to the Goddess.

The author immediately immerses you in her characters and her story world. She gives the reader exactly what they need to understand what is happening and keeps the story moving. After reading the first chapter, I knew I was going to enjoy this book!

The pacing is great. Ms. Schwengel knows how to build anticipation and keep you reading until the early morning hours.

Bolin is a complicated hero with a fascinating background that is carefully revealed throughout the story. I found myself looking forward to bedtime so I could get back to Bolin and Ciara.

The author does an excellent job explaining the feel of the magic and I was absolutely immersed in her world.

The torture scenes were vivid and really well executed.

The details about the horses were realistic and added a nice touch the story.

The author excels at walking the tight rope of series writing–tying the story together and answering all the questions of the main plot arc while still leaving lots of room for the next book.

I can’t wait for the next book in her Darkness and Light series!



In Death’s Dream Kingdom, Jessica Penot tugs at the fabric of reality. She turns everything you think you know on its head, weaving a vivid world with seraphims, gods, demons, hollow men and Death himself.

Her writing style reminds me of Neil Gaiman–sparse and powerful. An understated elegance and profoundness.

Cera and Arawyn are a love story I can sink my soul into. Torn apart by their very nature but always finding each other across the lifetimes.

I loved how the author interspersed parts of T.S. Eliot’s poems at the beginning of each chapter. Such a unique touch and brilliantly done!

The setting for the tree of life and the plain of stars was beyond beautiful. I could picture each place in my mind as if I had been there to visit. The richness of detail to the middle and lower kingdoms was perfect. I could see each step of the journey but I was never bogged down in description.

I loved all the ritual and mythology. I cannot imagine how much research Ms. Penot did behind the scenes to make everything so accessible to the reader.

Ms. Penot is a gifted and talented writer. Definitely someone I will continue reading and be expecting greater and greater things from!

This is a very deep and symbolic book–perfect for a book club discussion.

When I reached the end, I felt absolutely satiated but hoping for more–exactly what a great book should do!


I finished two other fantastic reads in February and reviewed them on Goodreads and Amazon and B&N:

Lyndee Walker’s Agatha nominated Front Page Fatality deserves every accolade.

Stacey Jay’s Juliet Immortal was a truly beautiful tale of love.


One last thing–this week is August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman Blogfest! I’m participating in the classic version that kicks off with a big blog hop on Thursday.

But today is the kick off of the racier Girl Boner version.

I’m planning to check out posts across both versions.

There will be giveaways too so hop along to them!

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