Last Week's Events and Such


Photo by Sandra Tansley

Feb 8th from 10 am to 3 pm, I was with the CAPA authors at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, CT. This required rising at 6:30 am. An incredible feat for nocturnal me.


Photo by Sandra Tansley

Mom and I drove up to the museum and arrived at 9 am to set up. She’s an awesome help and we had out place all perfect by 9:50 am.


It was a long day, but my Aunt Jen came to see me and brought her adorable daughters, V and L. L doesn’t like pictures so she opted out of our group shot. They brightened my day up with their visit and   even bought copies of the book.


Photo by Wayne Sharnick

On 2/12 from 6:30-8 pm, I joined several CTRWA authors for a “Ladies’ Night Out” at the Whittemore Library in Naugatuck, CT. The library has a lovely reading room where we each took turns reading an excerpt from our book.


Photo by Wayne Sharnick

The lovely Mary Donnaruma Sharnick kicked off the reading. She is a delight to talk to and is the English department chair at my former high school, Chase Collegiate. Her husband took most of the photos from that night and graciously shared them with us.


Photo by Wayne Sharnick

That’s me giving my talk.


Photo by Wayne Sharnick

T.L. Costa followed me. She was the most animated reader and made me want to read her YA as soon as I get through the book I’m on!


Photo by Wayne Sharnick

Gerri Brosseau was the last to speak. She organized the entire event and promoted her bum off. She did a terrific job making this evening happen!


Photo by Sandra Tansley

I had several book sales and even sold a signed photo.

For me, the night went too fast. But then I got to go out to dinner with my Mom, Aunt Cindi, Aunt Sue, and Audra–we had a blast at Maggie McFly’s.


January sales numbers are in: I sold 32 books.

I’ve got 47 reviews on Amazon. 3 more and  I will reveal details about Six Train’s sequel.

I had the most amazing review from someone who stumbled across Six Train in a Wisconsin library! AnnJohnsonmurpheeauthor made my Valentine’s Day super special with her review! Thank you Ann Johnson Murphee!

I’m working with libraries in IL and WI to schedule author talks/workshops for late July–the week in between Pioneer Days and Flambeau Rama. These are the nicest librarians I’ve ever talked to–genuinely excited to have me visit. It’s such a lovely experience. Gosh, I love the midwest.

We’re still figuring out times and topics, but here’s what I’ve lined up:

July 28th: Wauwatosa Public Library, Wauwatosa, WI

July 29th: DeKalb Public Library, DeKalb, WI

July 30th: undetermined

July 31st: Wasau Public Library, Wasau, WI

August 1st: Park Falls Public Library, Park Falls, WI


Revisions to the YA contemporary fantasy are going well. I’m going to call it DM here on the blog.  I worked through 2 betas’ comments. Finishing up the third by next week. So far, I’ve added 8k, but I was short at 61k in the last draft so it’s all good.  I’m loving where the story is going and how these tweaks improve it.

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