Double Dip Release and Recent Reads

Double Dip by Gretchen Archer

My Killer Nashville conference buddy, Gretchen Archer, is releasing her second book in the Davis Way Crime Caper tomorrow. So I’m squeezing one more review in this month. I read the awesome ARC and wanted to blog about it close to her release date. The ebook is on sale now.

Gretchen Archer crafts another page-turner with Double Dip. We travel back to the Bellissimo Casino and it’s cast of delightful characters, who you’ll love spending another book with.

I’m a northerner, but I love the details of Davis’ family and childhood in Pine Apple, Alabama, and her daily life in Biloxi, Mississippi.

I couldn’t put it down and finished the last 200 pages in a day.

Ms. Archer creates a compelling, layered mystery and has a knack for providing enough details to make it realistic without bogging the reader down. I am in awe of Davis’ hacking moments.

The church and the elderly were an unexpected but perfect tie-in to the Bellissimo. It’s pure pleasure to watch Davis pretend to be Mrs. Saunders at events. Davis accidentally taking Granny to the church was a laugh-out-loud roadtrip.

I love Ms. Archer’s voice. Her unique asides in parentheses and her fast humor are destined to be a trademark.

The title is very fitting and the double entendre of Double Dip will become clear by the end of the book.

Fantasy is a great addition to Davis’ team at the Bellissimo. As is Cowboy. I look forward to book 3!

She’s got a cool Facebook Party going on 1/28 if anyone wants to stop by:

Buy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


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This morning, I’m off to an elderly community to give a private workshop on finding your story. Fingers crossed it all goes well!

Wednesday, I’m video conferencing with the University of Toronto’s Writer’s Co-Op to give a workshop on being a productive part-time writer.

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28 Responses to Double Dip Release and Recent Reads

  1. I love a good mystery – thanks for the recommendation. Maybe in the future you could do a post about how you line up all these publicity opportunities – connections? Cold calls? How do you do it? That would be fascinating to learn.

    • Cool. Hope you enjoy it! I was thinking about that. It’s a tremendous amount of work actually. Usually 20-40 hours depending on the type of event. Promoting takes up half my time even when it’s scaled back. A mix of people reaching out to me and me reaching out to them. It’s way easier when people reach out to me and I don’t have to convince them to let me do the event. 🙂

      • I can only imagine how much time it takes. But I’ll bet the visibility has boosted your sales in a way an online presence only could not have achieved.

        • It could easily be a full time job. And when I do a workshop, add on 30 more hours to develop it and practice it. 😉

          I don’t really know. It’s impossible to know where a sale came from online or what caused the sale to happen. Probably the most frustrating part of promoting. You are always guessing about what worked or didn’t. The Wisconsin trip brought me 100 in person sales so I know that was a huge success, but I can’t really know how many online sales it contributed to. I certainly hope the in person events help–the cost a lot in time and money to make happen.

  2. I admire authors who write mysteries. I don’t think I’d be cleaver enough. 🙂 Enjoy your workshop today, I love being around elderly people. I’ll be curious to hear how it goes.
    I won a copy of Jody’s book recently, but I haven’t had a chance to read it. I’ll be sure to check out your review.

    • It’s a lot of plotting. I have mysteries in all my books and it’s hard to lay the clues and the red herrings and make the reader feel like they could have put it together but they didn’t. 🙂 Thanks. They were very attentive. Went well and I sold a few books.

      I don’t generally read romance or Christian fiction, I won it from a blog contest. It was an interesting change of pace. Not something I would probably buy on my own though.

  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    Wow, a quote from Janet Evanovich on the cover. Can’t beat that!

  4. Pete Denton says:

    You’re still keeping really busy! I agree with Gwen. There are some great posts about how you’ve pulled some of these events together. 🙂

  5. I enjoy your reviews Kourtney, they’re always focussed, but where the writing has been done well, your enthusiasm shines through. I thought you were taking it easy on the promotion for a while 🙂 I suppose it can be an endless process if you want the book to continue to be a success and also prepare for when the next one’s done!

    • Thanks Andrea. I try to highlight the best parts of each book. LOL. This is my version of easy–2 events a month locally for Jan and Feb. 😉 December taught me that I cannot stop doing events–the sales drop off. As long as I can get in lots of writing too, I’ll keep on with the events. 🙂

  6. Yatin says:

    Sounds like a busy week ahead! Even a cold snap is keeping you occupied! 🙂

    • I try to do events locally. I was all over from June-October on the book tour. It’s a lot easier to do a local event. I can come home and get some writing done. LOL. I was lucky we had a warm day here (high 30s so the roads were almost okay). 😉

  7. Sheila says:

    Sounds like a good one! Is the writing style similar to Janet Evanovich’s style? Good luck with those lectures – maybe you’ll find some more characters while you’re out and about.

    • I must be honest here-Janet is in my TBR pile. So I can’t really say. But I did see her movie and I can say the hilarity is similar. 🙂 Thanks. They are nerve-wracking each time. But I’m getting better at them every time. 🙂

  8. benzeknees says:

    Good luck with your workshops!

  9. jmmcdowell says:

    Great review, Kourtney, and the books sound really entertaining. It must be an awesome feeling to have a mega-author write a cover blurb!

  10. In my earlier days I used to just love Mystery stories, Kourtney. But now surprisingly I find many of them of very similar genre. So much so I can correctly guess the ” Who Dunnit ” guy. Half the fun is lost thus. Is your experience also similar?


    • I think a good mystery writer will make you feel like you could have guessed who it was but you won’t be absolutely certain until the end and then you’ll look back and see the breadcrumb trail they left for you. Occasionally I have been able to deduce the killer early on, but I still enjoy seeing how it is all revealed and why they did it. 🙂

  11. 4amWriter says:

    Yikes, another publicity event? How do you do it?? Although, I think running a workshop for the elderly would be so much fun. You’ll probably get some story ideas just from mingling. 🙂

    • Yup. I’m not sure either sometimes. 🙂 They were a good audience. Asked great questions. I’d definitely go back if asked. 🙂 I met a really awesome lady named Orela and that name is definitely going in my next book. 🙂

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