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The blog break yielded unexpected results. I read more novels. I focused more on my outline of Six Train’s sequel (it’s 60 pages and a scene by scene outline).  I worked on two workshops for January. So yay to productivity gains!

But I felt a bit out of sorts after the first week. I think the holidays threw my schedule into enough chaos. I missed blogging. I missed  hearing from you and reading about what you were up to. I felt like something was off. So I’m glad to be back in the blogosphere again!

December sales were rather sluggish which caused me to have several fits of anxiety. I’ve realized I can only promote so much and hope it generates sales.

And if sales continue to be slow, well I just have to take frugal to a new, exciting level. I’m scaling back on conferences and traveling for promotional events. I’m only doing free things for entertainment. And I’m going to lose weight to fit into my old clothes.

Six Train is my only source of income right now. I have broken even on the book creation costs. But I’m still pretty far away from breaking even on all the promo costs of last year. This is to be expected with a new business venture. I’m trying to take a long term view on the promo stuff as building my readership.

It’s just scary when you’re watching your savings dwindle and you don’t know when or if that investment will pay off.

I got a blucky sinus infection over the holidays that left me in bed for a few days. I celebrated New Years watching The Vampire Diaries with Emerson and rereading Six Train so I could make sure the sequel’s outline doesn’t have continuity issues. Weirdly, this was exactly what I wanted to do so I enjoyed my quiet New Years.

Hope yours was exactly what you wanted it to be too. 🙂

Poor Grandma H broke her collarbone when a deer decided to take on the car she was riding in over the holidays. Grandma H is stuck home healing for 8 weeks and miserable about missing her outings to the mall and the casino.

Lastly, a big thank you to my biggest commenters in 2013: Carrie Rubin, jmmcdowell, EllaDee, Pete Denton, and Cat Forsley!

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