Highwire Deer and Animal Farm Adventure

IMG_3525   A few weeks back, Mom and I went to the Highwire Deer and Animal Farm. The goats greeted us and showed us around. They also angled for feed the entire time. They reminded us of our dogs and so we kept feeding them. IMG_3531   This little guy would run up to you and slam his hooves into your calf. It hurt but he was so darn cute when he leapt up. IMG_3535   I loved this bird’s head. Reminded me of how I look some mornings when I first wake up. IMG_3554   These birds were so majestic looking. IMG_3559   My shadow with the big tortoise. IMG_3567   This cracked me up. It’s something Emerson loves to do too. IMG_3586   This goat reminded me of Rora our golden retriever. She was so eager for foot she craned her neck as far out as she could. The other one was more like Reagan–skittish and shy. IMG_3581   The alpacas did not spit at me–mostly relieved, but slightly disappointed. IMG_3595   Mom fed this cute little deer. IMG_3598   The donkeys were so sweet! Each had a distinct personality. IMG_3605   The camel was somewhat cooperative with the photo taking. IMG_3608   Donkey and Zedonk.   IMG_3620   This little guy was my favorite. So polite. And what gorgeous horns. IMG_3643   Mom was delighted to see a kangaroo hopping about. IMG_3645This deer was pretty shy and refused to come eat from our feed cups. His companion walked right over the rope and came up to Mom for food. It was a really cool way to pass an hour on a Sunday afternoon in September.

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