Silver Linings Playbook: Movie Review

Silver Linings Playbook was an unexpected pleasure. My mom really wanted to see it. I was interested, but not nearly as motivated as her.

But we went.

And I LOVED it.

Bradley Cooper turned out one of his best performances ever. He was so deep in character I forgot he was Bradley Cooper. It’s so rare to see actors actually well acting. And Jennifer Lawrence. That woman can act her butt off.

The supporting cast were riveting and the perfect foil to Cooper and Lawrence. Robert DeNiro was AMAZING. The father-son dynamic and the father-mother-son dynamic were so intricate. It was like slipping inside your neighbor’s house and watching their family interact.

The clip gives you an idea of the story. It’s a character-driven, messy story filled with broken moments. But it was terrifically real.

My mom and I laughed dozens of times. There is something beautiful and tragic and heartwarming in these characters and their struggles. I loved ever second of the movie. In fact, I’d go see it again and again.

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