A Gift From Jeff Gerke: FictionAcademy.com

While, I’m on vacation, I wanted to share a generous gift from Jeff Gerke. He appreciated my review of his fantastic book, The First 50 Pages. And generously extended an offer for 30 days of free access to his Fiction Academy to me and my readers!

FictionAcademy.com is an online training site that contains all his teachings on how to write great fiction. It’s part of the Bestseller Society, which can be considered conference in a box. I’m going to sign up in August when I get back from vacation.

When you’re subscribing to www.BestsellerSociety.com, enter the code “theanomaly” to get your free month.

Please note that you will be asked to enter your credit card number when you sign up, even if you’re using the code to get a free month. Once the 30 free days expire, you will automatically be charged $37/month. So make sure you set a reminder for yourself so you will remember to cancel your subscription before the 30 days run out. If you want to continue with a paid monthly subscription, do nothing and you will automatically be billed for your continuing access.

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