Long Overdue Blog Awards Post

I am incredibly grateful for all these blog awards from my fellow bloggers.

I was delighted when they popped up in the blog comments while in New York for conferences. I couldn’t blog about them from my Ipad though, which means I am incredibly behind on the blog awards. I love my Ipad but it’s no substitute for a laptop.

I really appreciate all the comments and likes that my blog receives. It’s wonderful to know people are actually reading what I write. 🙂

But these awards are the honey swirled in my tea. I am so thankful that you thought this little blog deserved them. *Blush*

A thousand thank yous for keeping me smiling through my conferences. It was such an energy boost to see the awards.

Because there are several awards, I’m going to mash up the rules ala the fabulous Emmie Mears. I will present each award to 3-7 bloggers, list 5 blog posts I think you should read, and list 10 things you don’t know about me.

Thank you so much to J.C.V. and Sally and IndiaPhare for the One Lovely Blog Award! Receiving it from all three of you means so much! Lovely cubed. 🙂

I pass the One Lovely Blog Award on to these very talented bloggers:

Much gratitude  to J.C.V. for the Genuine Blogger Award!

The Genuine Blogger Award goes to a few bloggers I had the pleasure of meeting at conferences. I can attest to how genuine they are:

Thanks to Emmie Mears for the Kreativ Blogger Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I’d like to pass  the Kreativ Blogger Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award onto:

Lots of gratitude to Laura and LimebirdBeth for the 7×7 Award! A double award. Wow. Very cool.

I pass the 7×7 Award on to these amazingly talented bloggers:

5 posts I think you should read on my blog:

1o things you don’t know about me:

  1. I read I’ll Take Manhattan when I was ten.
  2. My favorite band when I was seven was The Beatles.
  3. I named my dog before we met.
  4. I hate being the center of attention. The mere thought of ever walking down a wedding aisle makes me break out in a cold sweat.
  5. I hate dusting. So much so that I let it accumulate until I got a sinus infection.
  6. I love the beach but despise sunlight.
  7. My hiccups are bizarre. They have a gaspy sound at the end.
  8. I wish I had my mom’s blue eyes.
  9. I still sleep with a stuffed animal…or ten.
  10. I went to soap opera conventions as a tween.
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